Enough!: The Queer Assault on Freedom

Libeal_Logic_homosexual_marriage_freedomDr. Laura was hounded off the air because militant gays, and the mindless Americans who feel good about themselves for supporting such idiocy, bombarded her sponsors until they withdrew.  We’ve all heard about the Christian bakers who were forced to bake a cake for a gay couple or go out of business, and the printer who didn’t want to print t-shirts for a “gay rights” parade who was similarly hounded for “anti-gay” sentiments, and the list goes on and on.

At one point, back in the 80s and 90s, homosexuals asked to just be left alone to live their lives as they saw fit.  Our rights won’t infringe upon the rights of other people, they told us, and many believed them, choosing the “live and let live” approach.

But that wasn’t good enough.  Next came the “we’re here…we’re queer…get over it!” more militant approach by the homosexual lobby.  Instead of asking for tolerance, it became a more in-your-face demand to recognize something called “gay rights,” and those who refused or objected were promptly labeled “homophobic.”  Their objections were based on their religious beliefs?  Tough, say the militant homosexuals; guess you’ll have to give those up, else face the wrath of the LGBT activists.

The militant homosexual lobby has adopted fascism as their modus operandi: set up a situation (like the bake shop and print shop) where they know the Christian owners won’t go along with their requests, then get the gay-enamored media to shame the supposed “anti-gay” owners, which gets enough mindless non-gays into leaning on local politicians to “protect the rights” of those poor homosexuals, and voila: the rights and freedoms of another couple are washed away in another display of pure power, no matter how Constitution-shredding it is.

First, let’s get something straight (pun intended) – homosexuals should have zero rights as homosexuals.  They should, of course, have all the rights of other American citizens…no more, no less.  And they do!

It’s one thing if people were not getting jobs because they’re homosexual, or denied housing, etc.  But show me where that’s the case.  Don’t bother trying, because you can’t, for it’s not about those kind of “rights.”  It’s about special privileges that nobody else in American has (well, except for black people, and we’ve seen how well affirmative action has worked out).

Woodrow Wilcox


We all have our own lives to lead, and whatever legal activities we choose to indulge in should be our own business and that of those who choose to participate in those activities with us.  And most people pretty much follow that pattern.

But not homosexuals.  Oh, no, a live and let live approach is not good enough for them.  If you dare to object or criticize their lifestyle choice, for whatever reason, you’re branded as homophobic and “anti-gay,” even if you’ve never done anything harmful towards a homosexual person in your life.  It’s a thought-crime, you see, and you have to “get your mind right.”



What about YOUR freedom of choice, or the right to believe what you want about homosexuals or anything else?  Sorry, according to the gay thought police and the spineless politicians and others who support their fascism, that’s a thing of the past.  Well, not for gays, of course, just for everybody else.

Their latest targets are the popular TV hosts of “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joana Gaines.  What grievous sin have they committed against homosexuals?  Why, they attend a church where the pastor is “anti-gay” (because he has spoken against same-sex marriage and says homosexuality is a sin…which is what the Bible says!).

Now, I wonder if these fascists gays were as vocal in condemning Obama for attending a church for years where the pastor was a flaming anti-American racist lunatic?  Of course not, cause “just because he attended there for a couple decades didn’t mean he shares those views.”  But I’m not taking that path, because if Chip and Joana do share their pastor’s beliefs, it means they’re serious about their Christian faith, and they have every right to be.  Well, at least they used to.

Since when in this country does any splinter group get to dictate the thoughts and beliefs of everyone else?  If it were the KKK “demanding” special rights for their beliefs, would the media be carrying their water continually?  Of course not.  So why do we allow homosexuals – people who define themselves by what they do sexually, for pete’s sake! – dictate to the other 97% of the country, telling us we can’t even hold onto our religious beliefs, just so they can feel good about their choice of sex partners?

I wouldn’t tolerate anyone mistreating homosexual people any more than I’d tolerate someone mistreating women, or blacks, etc.  For that same reason I’m sick of seeing homosexual activists trampling on the rights and freedoms of Americans who don’t happen to agree with their lifestyle choices.  It needs to stop, because if one group can get away with it in order to punish the opposition, then at some point you can believe that those roles will be reversed.

Hey, “it’s yours…haul coal in it” if you want to.  But for pete’s sake, stop trying to force everybody in the country to accept or agree with your lifestyle, even to the point of trampling all over their freedoms.  You have all the “rights” as anyone else…how about stop abusing everybody else’s?

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  • Thisoldspouse

    Homosexual deviants have always been assaultive in reaction to rational debate. Consider Anita Bryant, who lead the charge to protect school children from openly homosexual teachers in Florida. During a news conference, she was struck in the face with a pie by a sodomite – “a fruit pie” she good-naturedly quipped.

    • Some are, yes. As a gay man, I’ve been labeled a “quisling” and a “maggot” by others for supporting religious freedom. I’ve also been called a “pro-birther” and even a “fetus worshipper” for criticizing abortion.

      Some are not interested in debating ideas. They just want you to shut up. It’s unfortunate because it convinces no one of anything but their own inability to reason.

      • I disagree with you about homosexual behavior, but thank you for standing for life and religious liberty.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Some are, and the rest give them legitimacy by their deafening silence.

  • jerrydoubleu .

    it’s unfortunate that religious liberty now means christian tyranny.

    • Religious liberty has never meant Christian tyranny. That’s only a lie foisted by God-hating Leftists who despise religious liberty.

    • DCM7

      In Muslim-controlled countries like in the Middle East, no one is allowed to be anything but Muslim.

      In atheism-controlled countries like Communist ones, no one is allowed to be anything but atheist.

      In a Christian-founded country like the United States has historically been, people are allowed to believe whatever they choose.

      “Christian tyranny” is a huge oxymoron. Christianity (when not used as a front by those who aren’t really following it) has historically stood in the way of tyranny like nothing else in the world. Why else would it be the first thing tyrants (and potential tyrants) go after?

      • jerrydoubleu .

        not christian founded
        they demand xtian laws

        • DCM7

          The idea that the United States wasn’t “Christian founded” is very popular these days, but (as has been shown elsewhere on this site) is demonstrably false.

          And given what societies look like where Christian influence has been removed or minimized (think North Korea, for example), it’s all the more clear that Christian influences provide the foundation for freedom, rather than being an obstacle to it.

          Show me someone who has a problem with “xtian laws,” and I’ll show you someone who, in some form, is demanding things that would ultimately take away the rights of others.

          • jerrydoubleu .

            xtians sexually molest kids

        • Like what laws in particular?

          With the exception of Reconstructionists or Dominionists, most Christians aren’t interested in punishing people with jail or fines for how they choose to live their lives (so long as those choices don’t harm others).

          People can worship other gods or no god. They can work on Sundays. They can drink to excess (so long as they don’t get behind a wheel) or shack up with whoever they like.

          They just don’t want to be forced to be complicit in some of these actions, that’s all.

          There’s something else we need to be clear on: ALL world views are, in a sense, “religious”. They all have a set of ideas about good behavior and bad behavior based on ideals and priorities that are subjective in nature.


          “Let’s start by examining a common neoreactionary claim: namely, that the ideology of social progressivism acts as a religion … . How can a system which makes no reference to gods act like a religion? But in fact, not all religions depend on gods either. Buddhism, for example, is recognized by everyone as being a religion. Yet it functions without the need for gods. In particular, belief in a creator God was rejected by the Buddha and his successors as being based in delusion. ”

          Read the whole thing.

    • Thisoldspouse

      Please define “Christian tyranny” in its outworking in society.

      • DCM7

        Most would call it “Christians imposing their beliefs on society.” Show me someone who says that, and I’ll show you someone who wants to impose their *own* beliefs on society… and finds Christians getting in the way (which they inevitably do when someone tries to impose tyranny).