Do Not Feed the RINOs!

Do not feed the RINOs

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Phil Jensen


“Republican” “leadership” has done nothing since the historic election just a little over a month ago (you know, the one that thoroughly repudiated President Obama, congressional Democrats and their Leftist agenda) that they are powerless, that they have limited options, that they really can’t do anything to stop the Leftist agenda.

It’s interesting that this isn’t the song and dance we were treated to by the RINOs during the election.

From Charles Hurt at the Washington Times:

Rick Kriebel 2016


Funny, I don’t recall a single Republican running in a single race this year on a campaign that Republicans in Congress have only “limited” options and abilities to stop Mr. Obama. No, in fact, every single one of them ran their entire campaigns on the singular promise that we have to vote for Republicans so they could stop Mr. Obama. And Americans voted.

Now the chads have not even settled yet and already we are being told the whole meaning of the election is something different now. Now that they have won.

Either Republicans did not really believe their campaign promises, they were lying or they are just scared to keep those promises to stand up to Mr. Obama and do everything in their power to stop him.


I mean, seriously? What kind of traumatized headcase thinking is this? Republicans are afraid that if the president issues his first veto over a significant bill that funds the entire government except for his lawless amnesty, somehow it will be Republicans’ fault that the federal government shuts down?

You really don’t have to be a political genius or a pollster to see the lunacy here.


Remember the last government shutdown when Republicans got totally blamed…And my goodness, look at the drubbing they suffered in the very next election! Oh wait! That was just last month! When they seized control of the Senate, reached historic levels in the House and annihilated Democrats coast-to-coast!

What happened to all that “we’re going to take common sense to Washington” crap that was peddled during the election?

Woodrow Wilcox


What happened to all that “we’re going to stop Obama” baloney that was marketed during the election?

What happened to all that “we’re going to end Harry Reid’s liberal agenda” pap that we were fed during the election?

What happened to all that “we have to get ‘Republicans’ the majority so we can stop ObamaCare and amnesty” drivel during the election?

What happened to all that “Oh, you can’t vote for a genuine conservative; we have to choose someone ‘electable’ to stop the Democrats!” nonsense that was sold during the primary and in some cases the general election? Who’s “stopping the Democrats” and their agenda now???

How much longer are people going to believe this crap when it comes out of the mouths of RINOs–you know, the fake conservatives who talk like Republicans but act like Democrats?

How many times do our hands have to be bitten before we learn: Don’t feed the RINOs!




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  • thisoldspouse

    “We won, now let’s surrender” should be the new GOPe slogan.