Cruz ‘Unelectable’ and Other Trump-Sized Lies

Ted Cruz speaking at Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. on October 7, 2011. (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ted Cruz speaking at Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C. on October 7, 2011. (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I can’t believe what I’ve been reading the past few days. So-called conservative Christians are bailing on Cruz (although they were probably never with him to begin with) and backing Trump. Talk about selling your soul.

Every Christian should be voting for Cruz; but we have writers, maybe even on this very site, who discourage doing so. They are the men who are retreating from the public sphere.

I keep hearing, even from those who claim to be staunch conservatives, how Ted Cruz is not electable (and similar nonsense). I say, vote the man! Don’t sell your soul. Don’t play the game and buy the lie.

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For once, we must stand on principle and conviction. I’m not saying Ted Cruz has been handed down by God. But here’s a man who has stood up on the Senate floor to call out both parties for their deceptions and transgressions. He has ripped into the leaders of his own party for their duplicity. He has stood firm in conviction and in fear that his children will have no future in what was once a land of opportunity. That is courage and principle. Those are the actions of a man infused with Biblical principle. For once, may we stand with such a man. Give him the main stage and let him debate on moral, responsible, constitutional, faith-based principle. We must give him a chance to make the case on the grand stage. I, for one, think he can win!

I don’t want to hear how disliked he is by his congressional peers. They are the problem!

Just follow Ted’s career and see what he has accomplished. ‘Off the charts brilliant,’ is how he has been described by his Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz.

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We must also consider how many ringing endorsements Cruz has received from both the conservative community and the tea party faithful, as well as the multitude of high-profile Christian leaders that have all of a sudden gone political and public in support of the man. Finally, we must put this eligibility issue to rest once and for all. Ted’s not going anywhere but up in the polls!

As for ‘The Donald,’ I believe His true colors are showing. He will say whatever it takes to win. He loathes Cruz and he may very well loathe us and even our God – just like the rest of the republican political establishment does:

“Tucker Carlson recently explained that Republican Party leaders and donors not only disagree with Republican primary voters, such as evangelical Christians, but actually ‘They hate them.’

Carlson said: They really hate them. They think they’re disgusting… The leadership of the Republican Party finds them disgusting… In D.C., it’s like they’re considered gross—like you would never have dinner with someone like that. And that’s the fundamental weakness of the Republican Party… The donors in the Republican Party not only disagree with Republican primary voters—they hate them.

Trump has been consistently abrasive, nasty and condescending. He’s not what I look for in a leader and won’t get my vote without proving otherwise. Whether true or not, a majority of us Christians believe Ted Cruz is one of us. I’m not saying Cruz has conducted himself perfectly, but for the most part he’s been consistent. Trump needs to show some humility. He needs to show that he’s truly human. Even then I probably won’t believe it…

Sarah Palin can have ‘the Donald.’ To each their own, I guess. As for me, I’ve said my peace and I rest my case. I will place my vote and watch as God takes care of the rest.


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