Could ‘Republicans’ Please Stop Promoting Homosexual Activists?

Betsy DeVos (Photo credit: Keith A. Almli)

We conservatives often ask yourselves why we are losing the culture left and right. We wonder why it is the political Left seems to win almost all of the battles, and public opinion just keeps slipping further and further away from the traditional values that made America the greatest place on earth.

Maybe it’s because we help the enemy so much.

Yes, we on the Right, frequently people who claim to so fervently want conservative values, lend great aid and comfort to our enemies, often helping them attain greater power and position.

Case in point is the Donald Trump nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. While there are a number of positive qualities to be found in DeVos, her close association with Common Core national education standards has given considerable pause to many conservatives.  But potential support for Common Core isn’t her greatest liability.

DeVos has actually played the homosexual activist, attacking conservatives and helping the Left advance their anti-family agenda.

From Fox17Online in 2014:

Woodrow Wilcox


The former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Betsy DeVos, calling on fellow West Michigan Republican Dave Agema to step down from the Republican National Committee due to some of the comments he’s made about homosexuals and Muslims.

When Agema spoke out about the glorification of homosexual behavior by President Obama, and the militant effort to force the public to accept this behavior as legitimate, DeVos called for him to resign.


This week, she has come out against the Agema’s comments, saying, “He has damaged his position and his party. He reflects badly on Republicans and on Michigan… I couldn`t stand by and hold my tongue.

“He should resign his position as national committeeman,” she said.

Hmm. A conservative who promotes the position found in the Republican Party platform, which Republicans and conservatives have held for decades, and which every healthy civilization throughout history has maintained, and “Republican” DeVos calls on him to resign.

She sounds like a flaming RINO to me.  Certainly giving considerable aid and comfort to the Leftist enemy. And if she’s that vocal about the Leftist homosexual agenda, what else is she liberal on?

And what about Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State nominee. Tillerson pressured the Boy Scouts to admit homosexual members and leaders, and his company donated money to the nation’s leading abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

The Boy Scouts: an organization known for some 100 years for its call to boys to be morally straight and take seriously a duty to God–the God who says homosexual behavior is immoral and a perversion of his design for human sexuality.

Planned Parenthood: the nation’s larges abortion provider…and a peddler of baby parts.

The homosexual agenda and abortion–those fit right in with the conservative agenda, don’t they? Uh huh. And don’t forget that the homosexual agenda has proven a battering ram against religious liberty in America–another issue conservatives claim to care about.

Let’s not forget about homosexual activist Peter Thiel being appointed to Trump’s transition team. You might recall Thiel as the “proud” homosexual who received a standing ovation from “Republicans” at the Republican Convention last summer.

Yeah, and there’s Richard Grenell, the open homosexual whom Trump is said to be considering for the post of Ambassador to the United Nations. And we know there has never been any Leftist agenda being pushed in the UN.

And I hope you didn’t miss Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions throwing the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law under the bus during his confirmation hearing recently, much to the joy of homosexual activists.

If you were a Christian who hoped the Donald Trump administration would restore sanity and morality to American culture, things are not looking good for you at this point.

Is this really the best that the Republican Party can come up with?  Is it really that impossible for Republicans to find leaders who don’t support some major Leftist agenda or another that is clearly opposed by the Republican Party platform?

Maybe Leftist and their anti-family, anti-life agenda would achieve a little less if we “Republicans” and “conservatives” supported them a little less–especially by giving them powerful cabinet positions in the federal executive branch–positions which can even serve as a springboard to even greater power and position down the road.

For all those conservatives and Christians out there who gave full-throated endorsement of liberal Donald Trump during the general election and even the primary, I hope you’re happy with a president who gives a boost to homosexual activists and funders of Planned Parenthood.

Great way to promote your values, guys. With allies like today’s “Republicans” and “conservatives,” why does the Left even need Democrats? We might be doing it a little slower than the Democrats would, and a little less proudly, but we’re definitely doing their job for them.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    I think that virtually every Trump appointee with be poisoned with such ideology, and conservatives will just glibly gloss over it. Tillerson is a big one, but even his SCOTUS nominee William Pryor has some questionable actions in his past which controvert conservatism, and he is supposedly the leading candidate for Scalia’s vacant seat!

    I don’t have a good feeling at all, and Trump has not even entered office yet.

    • I agree. While Pryor is better overall than some other choices, he went after Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore for acknowledging America and Alabama’s Christian heritage. Someone who would persecute another American for undermining religious liberty and our Christian heritage isn’t deserving of ANY government post-certainly not one with the power of SCOTUS.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Leftists are on board with Pryor over all the other candidates for a shocking reason – he concurred in 2011 (Glenn v. Brumby) with the radical leftist judicial colleague who found that anti-“transgender” actions in the workplace constituted discrimination based on sex, an extremely leftist position. So, according to Pryor, “sexual identity” equals sex.

        • Yeah. I’ve known about him hanging Judge Moore out to dry for a while, but I’m hearing about several more cases (all involving homosexuality and usually religious liberty) recently where Pryor has ruled for the Left. But that’s okay “because Trump.”

  • Thisoldspouse

    This capitulation is nothing new. For a long time now, you find self-describe “conservatives” who want marriage reserved to its traditional meaning, but are nevertheless supporters of “civil unions” which bestow all of the rights of marriage on sodomite couplings – marriage by another name – which disparages the institution just as if marriage had been redefined wholesale in the first place. Why don’t these idiots get that?

    • I have been thoroughly disgusted by “conservative” and “Christians” during this past presidential election (and in our state U.S. Senate election in 2014) who were willing to whore themselves out to support RINOs with records that clearly indicate betrayal on critical national issues. I was proven right about that U.S. Senate candidate (who currently has a 29% conservative rating-up from 17% last year), and I am already being proven right about Donald Trump.

      Why are conservatives and Christians so incredibly stupid? Or at a minimum, so incredibly afraid of championing the values they claim to believe in that they allow themselves to be led around by the nose by people who openly loathe their values? I just don’t get it!

      • Thisoldspouse

        The cultural dumbing down continues apace. Not even socially conservative Christians are immune to it.