Conservatives and Liberals Think Differently

thinking_fWhy can’t conservatives communicate with liberals? Why can’t the Right communicate with the Left? Why can’t Republicans communicate with the Democrats? Are these two sides of the same coin? It is said that conservatives always see the glass half full, choosing to focus on the positives, while liberals see half empty, focusing on the negatives, but that doesn’t explain all the differences. Political philosophies tend to gravitate toward different assumptions, starting points, and approaches on most topics. Keep in mind that this view looks at the two competing philosophies, not individuals who rarely conform exactly.

I also noticed that conservatives generally display a positive outlook that corresponds with the Seven Cardinal Virtues, while liberals are generally unhappy and seem to see life through the Seven Deadly Sins. Maybe this is why liberals always seem angry and spiteful when questioned on their beliefs? Understanding these two Points of View is the first step towards reconciling these diametrically opposite motivations and actions.

1. Conservatives display the virtue of Chastity in the purity of traditional marriage based on love and the longevity of the family, while liberals seem to be driven by Lust as an intense desire for attention and of course sex celebrating passion, free love, and conquest. Conservative defend the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one women in a family to nurture children’s development, while liberals reject families, support same-sex marriage, and endorse any number of varied sexual permutations and perversions. American culture has been under assault from liberals who have been incrementally undermining the concepts of marriage, family, and sexuality.

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2. Conservatives display the virtue of Temperance and self control valuing deferred gratification, while liberals seem to be driven by Gluttony with over-indulgence and instant gratification, ignoring others rights and needs. Moderation and self-control characterizes conservative’s behavior, while liberals are selfish and care only about satisfying their personal needs and wants, irrespective of impact on others. The political elites are notorious for writing in personal exemptions to shield themselves from the pain associated with their legislation.

3. Conservatives display the virtue of Charity towards others with generosity and self sacrifice towards others, while liberals seem to be driven by Greed, focused only on personal gratification with the ends justifying whatever means are necessary. Generosity and love mark conservatives who contribute their time and resources for the good of others, while liberals seek personal gain, especially in money and power, by whatever means are necessary. Politicians spending more money than they have is an example of covetousness, trading short term praise for the risk of long term collapse.

4. Conservatives display the virtue of Diligence with steadfast actions and a decisive work ethic while liberals seem to be driven by Sloth, letting others care for their laziness, irresponsibility, and wastefulness. Conservatives are the task oriented achievers who persevere to completion, while liberals would rather carp and criticize every step of the way and blame others for their shortcomings. The environment of poverty, despair, and hopelessness is used as an excuse for lawlessness and crime.

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5. Conservatives display the virtue of Patience and endure through dignified moderation while liberals seem to be driven by self-righteous Wrath, and a desire for vengeance. Mercy and forgiveness marks the conservatives while liberals reject the truth and respond with spitefulness and anger. The Chicago brand of politics is based on revenge, never letting a political slight go unpunished.

6. Conservatives display the virtue of Kindness to others, empathy and compassion, while liberals seem to be driven by Envy and resentment toward others’ success. Conservatives display compassion and friendship for its own sake, while liberals measure their success vis-a-vis others which includes harming others for relative achievement. The Marxist (progressive) philosophy of class warfare and redistribution of wealth is based on class envy.

7. Conservatives also display the virtue of Humility and modest behavior, while seem to be driven by narcissistic Pride wishing others to fail or come to harm. Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect marks a conservative, while liberals desire to appear more important than others claiming credit when not deserved and blaming others of one’s mistakes. Social justice is simply ensuring equal outcomes regardless of ability.

What is interesting is that when confronted with their behavior conforming to this construct, they many times view it as a positive that enhances their reputation. The Cloward-Piven strategy is based on redefining political issues as problems and mobilizing the people to overwhelm the bureaucracy to effect change, whether needed or not. Barack Obama is a community organizer who exploits tragedies and elevates every crisis into a political sin that can then be used as justification for change, irrespective of wants or needs.

There are fundamental differences between these two political philosophies. Although most people do not fall neatly into stereotypical behaviors, this good-vs.-evil framework does provide a starting point to better understand motivations. Sometimes the two philosophies will never agree since there is no room for negotiation or mutual benefit. The question is where are you on this spectrum and which Point of View best describes yourself?

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