Candidates on the South Dakota GOP Platform, Part 4

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With the election coming up in South Dakota and a large crop of Republicans running for the state’s many legislative seats, people are interested in whether these representatives can be relied on to uphold Republican values and principles. As we saw last year and in previous years, “Republicans” don’t always behave like Republicans.

I sent out a simple questionnaire this weekend to all the legislative candidates for whom I had contact information, asking if they supported the South Dakota GOP Platform, and if they could not support the entire platform, to state which parts they could not support. I have already received some responses, and will post others as they come in.

I have no contact information for Nancy York, Lance Carson or Charles M. Turbiville and thus was not able to submit these questions to them. If you have an email address or contact form for them, please contact me through the “About” page on American Clarion.

When you talk to your candidates, let them know you’ll be watching their votes in Pierre in the 2017 legislative session, and will hold them accountable at the next ballot box based on whether or not they keep their word to uphold Republican principles.

This is the letter I sent to the Republican legislative candidates of South Dakota:

Woodrow Wilcox


Dear Candidate:

My name is Bob Ellis and I publish the conservative news website American Clarion.



As a Republican watching a new election coming up, I and my readers are interested in understanding the commitment of candidates running under the Republican banner to upholding the Republican principles found in the South Dakota GOP Platform.

As a Republican legislator, do you pledge to uphold the entire GOP platform?

To be clear, this would include but is not limited to support of religious liberty (preamble, 7.2), support of limited government (preamble, 2.9), support of the free market (2.4), opposition to government health care (3.2), support of parental rights (3.7, 4.3, 7.1), local control of education (4.2), recognition of our state and nation’s Christian heritage (4.8, 4.9), opposition to taxes (5.1), support of fiscal responsibility (5.2), opposition to illegal immigration (5.11), support of the right to keep and bear arms (6.4), oppose the homosexual/transgender agenda (7.4, 7.6), oppose abortion (7.7-9), and support of the South Dakota GOP platform itself (5.14).

If you cannot support the entire GOP platform, what areas specifically can you not support and why?

I would very much appreciate the courtesy of your response. You can respond to [REDACTED].com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

After Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, these are the additional responses I’ve received so far, unedited, in the order they came in.

From Sean McPherson, running for South Dakota Rep. in District 32:

YES! I Support the SDGOP platform



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