Can America Be Saved? Can We Handle the Truth?

HindenbergWith the Republican debates about to take place many are seeking to run for office to “save” America. I liken the 2016 election Republican candidates to those running for captain of the Titanic with only eight minutes left before the “unsinkable” ship goes down. Many of these candidates have great ideas and solutions but are absolutely oblivious that there is not have enough time to execute these solutions to save our nationally doomed “Titanic” ship.

Can we save America my fellow Americans? That question is asked every day by the conservative media and its followers as we ever spiral unto our national doom at EXPONENTIAL speeds. My personal opinion is that we cannot and that Almighty God has given this nation over unto a reprobate mind and are now presently under His Divine judgment (Rom. 1:18-32). It is not hard to see this if we but have the courage to see. In these dire hours with not much time left as a nation. I would personally – as an American – point American’s to the ETERNAL salvation which is found in Almighty God’s ETERNAL Son (the Lord Jesus Messiah) rather than  Republican candidates to deliver this sinking doomed nation.

Look at our outright rejection of Almighty God and His Word! Look at our super abounding lawlessness and its American inhabitants! Look at our lawless leadership! Look at our lewdness and national sex addiction!Look at our 55 million abortion since 1973! Look at our greed, callousness, envy, narcissism, violence and ignorance of rightness! Look at our crippling national addiction to Big godless government! Look at our addiction to technology and to the TV and movie industry ideology! Look at our moral relativism (spiritual and moral) and secularism! Etc…Etc… Etc… My dear friends, stand back and objectively look at our nation just in theselast five years and please tell me that we will come out all right in the end? O How we need REALITY today!! One would have to be an absolute fool and delusional optimistic bubble head to say and believe that we can save this nation. Yet the false prophets of the right are peddling this lie and optimistic conservative kool-aid to its unregenerate conservative masses and to ignorant believers in the Savior and they are drinking it up by the barrel full. No wonder the Lord Jesus Christ stated that the Day of the Lord will come as a thief and His second coming from Heaven’s glory even more so (1 Thess. 5:2, 2 Peter 3:10, Rev. 3:3, 16:15). There was… once a day that the tide could be turned but since 2008 we are at far past all restoration and remedies for our nation.

We are at a time right now in America’s history when we are about to experience the full collapse of our Republic (socially and fiscally). Our nation’s debt and fiscal situation is at the absolute breaking point and our leadership knows it and is genuinely frightened at the fiscal and social tsunami that is about to take place. For the Left, this is their “perfect storm” and “the ideal crisis” to move their godless agenda forward. For this is their time to seize final control and power, set up a godless secular state and tyrannize the America people into making them absolutely dependent on them for everything. Thus is the fate of a republic when lawlessness has over come its inhabitants and has saturated their minds. When the collapse of a nation’s currency and social order takes place (After the Rapture), the massive vacuum will be filled with fractured nation, civil war and a fascist dictatorship and state. History continues to bare witness to this. We in our world of today have no where to go but straight into the Wrath of Almighty God and global tribulation (Rev. 6-19).

When Americans out right reject Almighty God’s Person, RIGHTEOUSNESS, people and moral absolutes for time for a healthy society they are left only with Satan, tyrants, thugs, reprobates, immorality and its horrific consequences, violence and their godless selves (Rom. 1:18-32). How much “peace” do you think that will bring to our nation?

The key to surviving today is to face the REALITY of our day and hour and to see things rightly from Almighty God’s ETERNAL perspective! My dear friends, lose the optimistic delusion that we will save America, for that is the greatest demonic lie of our hour and open your hearts and minds to Almighty God’s saving solution, His Word and ETERNAL future of RIGHTEOUSNESS (Mark 13:31, John 3:16-17, 36, 1 John 2:15-17, Rev. 21-22:1-5)! My dear friends TRUE PEACE will only come when one acknowledges one’s dire need for the Savior of the world and abandon one’s fallen subjective worldly perspective and have faith (believe/receive) in Almighty God, His Son and His Holy Word (John 3-7, 16-17, Gal.1:4). See the ETERNAL picture!

Woodrow Wilcox


The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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  • David

    Chuck, thanks for your reply! Will wrote by tonight.



  • David

    Chuch thanks for your reply!

    The key is this… everything today is rapid and EXPONENTIAL! We are not living in past day but in a very rapid and excelerating day due to our EXPONENTIAL technolical advances which have rapidly accelarate our rot and godlessness as a nation and world… We as a world are like a steak in the hot sun rotting rapidly because of the sunlight and intence heat, we have no more room left as a world and the next world war which is at the door will be EXPONENTIALLY horriffic (Rev. 6-16).

    Throw out the Bible and you still come to the same conclusion. What is most important for you is to stop fighting God’s call to salvation and repentence and do some business with Him (John 3:16-17, Rom. 10:2-4). That is what this post was about.

    May it be!