Calling out Business Bathroom Hypocrisy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Family Research Council Action (FRC Action) launched a video ad campaign today across Texas that exposes the hypocrisy of corporations that are opposing the Texas Privacy Act (SB 6), a bill that protects the privacy and safety of women and children. FRC Action’s social media ad campaign calls out corporations such as American Airlines and Marriott for advocating unsafe bathroom policies that they will not adopt in their own facilities. The hypocrisy begs the question, “Why is big business getting involved in the state government?”

Last week, the Texas State Senate approved the bill which prevents public schools and government buildings from adopting policies that would open women’s showers, bathrooms, and changing facilities to men and visa-versa. It also prevents political subdivisions from forcing businesses and organizations, including contractors, to open their showers, locker rooms and bathrooms to people of the opposite sex. It leaves private entities free to determine their own policies regarding the use of shared bathrooms and showers.

“We commend the Texas State Senate and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for standing up for the privacy and safety of their citizens,” said Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins who earlier this month testified before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee in support of the legislation. “These leaders were never intimidated by President Obama’s big government mandates and neither will they be intimidated by big business,” added Perkins. “Family Research Council Action stands with these Texas leaders and will continue to work to expose big business hypocrisy through our grassroots efforts and ad campaigns,” concluded Perkins.

Transcript of “Big Business Hypocrisy” Ad:

“They say ‘Don’t mess with Texas,’ right?

“So, why is big business getting involved in the state government?

Woodrow Wilcox


“Well, you probably know the Trump Administration left the states the power to determine the shower, locker room, and restroom policies of schools.

“Smart move. So, Texas leaders passed the Texas Privacy Act that’ll protect the privacy and safety of women and children.


“The act is simple. It requires schools and state buildings to have policies that require people to use the facility that corresponds to their biological sex and to make accommodations for who identify as transgender. It leaves businesses free to adopt whatever policy they want.

“So, what’s the big deal? Well, big business is demanding Texas expose women and children to policies that could endanger them in the most private of places… by allowing men into women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

“But those same businesses like Hilton, Marriott, La Quinta, American Airlines, Google, and others refuse to enact the same unsafe policies in their own facilities… even though they are free to do it. It’s hypocrisy.

“Call Your Representatives. Ask them to defend the privacy and safety of women and children… and support the Texas Privacy Act. Big business can stop messing with Texas,” concludes the narrator.

Click here to watch the ad:

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