Big News: A RINO Endorses a RINO

Phil Jensen


I see that the RINO world is all a-twitter that Mike Huckabee has endorsed South Dakota’s RINO Mike Rounds for U.S. Senate.

Wow, that’s big news: a RINO endorses a RINO. Might as well run with the headline: Democrat Endorses Fellow Democrat.

Mike Huckabee ({Photo credit: David Ball)

Mike Huckabee (Photo credit: David Ball)

Oh, I know Mike Huckabee has been busy the past five years or so, desperately trying to revise history and rehabilitate his liberal record. But some of us know the truth, despite all his conservative-sounding talk.

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When Huckabee first put his name out for a presidential run back in 2007, I (not knowing anything about him) thought this might be a good thing, since one of the first things I heard was that he was a Christian and a pastor.  I quickly learned differently.

Like Mike Rounds, Huckabee is enamored with being thought of as a “nice guy.” To him, it’s more important than doing the heavy lifting of protecting the people he was elected to serve.

Mike Huckabee is a bigtime RINO–a world-class RINO that really gives “Republican” a bad name. When Huckabee was running for president in 2007, I talked to a couple of Arkansas Republican legislators on the phone, and they confirmed all that I had been reading about Huckabee–and more.

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Let me give you a quick rundown and you can read the links for more details.

Upon receiving Huckabee’s endorsement, Rounds said, “I am deeply honored by Governor Huckabee’s endorsement…The principles he represents are very much in line with mine.”

Keep that in mind when you consider whether to support RINO Rounds.

Huckabee talked conservative once he got out of office, when he ran for president, and on his TV show. But his record says something very different…just as Mike Rounds’ record says something very different.

Several years ago, I heard Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guiliani speak at the same event. Guiliani went to the podium and acknowledged his liberal tendencies and asked conservatives if they could work with him despite them. I couldn’t…but I walked away from that event with a lot more respect for Guiliani’s honesty than I did for Huckabee after Huckabee took the podium and tried to shine me on with claims that he was and always had been some born-again conservative. I just don’t appreciate it when people treat me like I’m stupid and try to deceive me.

Ignorance is a RINOs best friend. The problems facing our nation today are way too important to be taken in by ignorance.  Learn the truth about these RINOs.



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  • retiredday

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of Christians, that while I rejoice in the fact that they are saved, they never allowed their faith to mature beyond the emotional level and their intellects have remained in shallow waters. What really upsets me is that the general public has no real idea what authentic conservatism really is. When someone like Marco Rubio is touted as a conservative, I start to worry. Remember, Bush called himself a “compassionate conservative” while making government bigger and out-spending all his “liberal” adversaries. The enemy has succeeded in confusing Americans about what it means to be conservative. Only real conservatives know what that means, and you won’t find them in the ranks of Republicans, regardless of whether or not they are Republicans in name only.

    • You’re right. Huckabee’s “thinking” is all over the map-a sure sign that it’s emotion-driven, not intellect-driven. Rounds isn’t as bad, but he’s shown that propensity, too.

      It has become painfully evident in recent years that it isn’t just the Democrat Party and society in general that “emotes” its way through life, but a large segment of the GOP operates on raw emotion over intellect, too.

      What a sad state of affairs.