Bernie Sanders Vote Wealth Redistributed to Hillary Clinton

Phil Jensen


socialism_redistributionIt’s just not fair. Bernie Sanders worked hard to beat Hillary Clinton 60 percent to 38 percent in New Hampshire, and she will walk away with more delegates. Why?

Democracy is to Democrats what freedom is to socialism: they are mutually exclusive. There is a meme that states that we millennials are supposed to be animated by fairness and equality. It’s half true. First to fairness: we do believe in a sense of fair play. Some among us think that the cold realities of the economy are incompatible with that.

One thing that should strike all of us is how the Democrat Party, the name sake of democracy itself, is indeed so afraid of the choice of the people that it has to install apparatchiks with weighted votes to countervail the will of their own voters. Ironic?

Rick Kriebel 2016


More ironic still is that Bernie Sanders, Mr. Socialism himself, is the victim of an arbitrary process that systematically deprives an individual of their rightful gains.

As to inequality, it’s quite one thing to aspire to wanting more in life. It’s another thing altogether to sacrifice what you have earned for someone else, were that the virtuous outcome. In reality, the democratic socialist ideal is to create a casino society, where everybody plays but few win, and nearly all walk away with much less.

The winners in this society will ultimately be the house itself, as any other winner will be deprived of their gains as surely as Bernie sits tied with Hillary because super-delegates negate his double-digit drubbing of the queen in waiting.

Woodrow Wilcox


I urge my fellow millennials: keep striving for equality of opportunity and fair play. Just don’t expect the government to be any better than any other casino, where the house always comes out on top.



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