As an American

As an American, I believe in the fundamental principles of the founding of our nation as it unfolded over almost 200 years, from Roanoke and Plymouth to the Constitutional Convention.

Namely, as an American, I believe in the most fundamental of liberties:


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Without Life …frankly, there are no other liberties.

Who cares about the broader vista of other vital freedoms such as: freedom to worship who and how we please, without fear of imprisonment, because we don’t subscribe to the State Church; freedom to speak to the issues and leaders of the day without fear of prosecution and punishment; freedom to carry arms in defense of ourselves from enemies external and internal including (explicitly in the Declaration) our own leaders if they forget that their authority stems from the people and not from some superior intelligence or divine right; and even freedom to be secure in ourselves and our property. There are more but none more important than life and the freedom to worship the Creator who gave it to us and from Whom all other liberties flow.

As an American, I believe babies should be cherished and nurtured, in the womb as well as outside of it. So I say “No” to the murder of unborn children, sacrificed to the comfort, convenience, or peace of mind of the mother, father, grandparents or anyone else who thinks they have the right to elevate their concerns and desires over the essential, God-Given right to live.

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As an American, I believe that no one has the right to demand that the feeble, the comatose, the aged, or the infirm should be denied life or care because they are not economically productive. So I say no to Death Panels (or whatever euphemism is used to describe them in Obama Care) and euthanasia promoters who believe these precious people should make way for those more deserving of life.

As an American, I believe in the concept of limited government and I deny both the brutal tyranny of the mob and the seemingly benevolent tyranny of the elite. Both are anathema to any free people. Neither the bombastic bludgeon of the majority, nor the surgical cynicism of the few should factor into “allowing” liberties that are above their endorsement and beyond any constraints they would place on us.

As an American, I believe in the kind-hearted generosity of a free people who obviates any perceived need for governmental largess to those of us who are struggling financially. Why should we the people allow local, state, or federal governmental bodies to forcibly take our resources to redistribute to the needy when our nation has a long, rich history of open-handed and open-hearted generosity toward all, tempered with a strong desire that those receiving such gifts not become the slaves of those who give?

As an American, I believe in the destiny of America and reject the idea that either our nation or our people are beyond redemption. Yes, there is wrong played out in many arenas in our fair nation, but there is far more right. Remember, the Judeo-Christian Bible assures us that if our people cry out to God, He will forgive us, restore us, and heal our land. Certainly there are millions called by His name in America, far more than the mere 5 righteous for whom God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah. So….NO! I do not believe that God owes those terrible cities any apology for destroying them while preserving America. To my Brethren who cling to that terrible belief I say, “You know not what Spirit you are of.”

I am an American and stand unashamed.

I am the slave or servant of none.

In the end, I am an American and I am free.

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