Another Last For Obama

Phil Jensen


Last night, another episode brought Obama’s exit closer to being a reality. It was Obama’s final White House Correspondence Dinner. And his audience was those mainly responsible for introducing “transformation” to America.

Obama_marijuanaGiven the magnitude of his high profile audience, Obama ran true with his street corner humor. His personal penchant for degrading or insulting the office and our country was evident throughout his “in your face” routine.

Obama’s stand-up performance actually presented a more focused wrap-up of his presidency. When recalling his style of divisional politics, together with his preference for the unconstitutional side of the ledger, his usual arrogantly superior “make no mistake” persona tops off his uncomfortable White House imposition.

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So, one remark from last night’s presidential comedy skit came with little surprise and it notched his disregard for the office just a bit lower. He boastfully presented his quip, “The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide on my major.”

This utterance comes from the most important and responsible office holder in the country, and probably the entire world. His intent was and remains obvious; to degrade the office of the American presidency, period!

Where is the need for such a low-life line? I don’t care if his ambition is to become a comedian, or that he just enjoys laughter, he has an obligation to the public trust that was placed upon him, not once but twice. At this point in his lame duck term, he is way overdue to act the president, not the class clown!

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Obama never misses an opportunity to degrade what he considers to be an “imperialistic” nation. Makes one wonder as to just who mentored his early years and what approach was instilled. Certainly, being “presidential” or the “leader of the free world” becomes secondary when a particular podium event, along with a vast array of adoring hearts and minds permit and applaud the undignified.

Wild guess, I am not a fan of this administration. I rank his re-election as one of the most shocking and dangerous events in my lifetime. To rate these seven plus years as “time served” would greatly understate what I and most Americans have endured.

And I might add that in line with his discourteousness and overt anti-American conduct, relying upon his favorite term, “democracy,” became a no-brainer as his ignorant statement, “as a citizen of this great democracy’ almost assuredly included two of his usual “in your face” insults.

The first, “democracy,” is obvious for those with even a minimal constitutional background. Touted as having “taught’ Constitutional Law, his supposed college law professorship stands in stark rebuttal, given that America is not now, nor ever was a “democracy.” Consider that under a democracy, our precious Bill of Rights would be impossible since individual rights are antithetical within such a system.

The second intended slur, which delights Obama since he continues “to get over” on Americans, is his comment of being “a citizen.” For him, this is a personal and irresistible shot at America’s subjugation to a falsehood and when it passes unquestioned, he has gotten over once again.

So, another Obama chapter is now history. This was the last of the correspondents herding at formal affairs or of the associated TV coverage showing off all those properly attired clapping seals.

Still, even after January comes and goes, Obama informed those in attendance that he would remain local after leaving office. If America’s fortunes would be so dimly cast, which I personally doubt, I’m sure this threat wouldn’t be too well received in the Clinton camp. Seems as though that old saying about “sleeping with dogs” continues to have some merit.



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