An Illegal Alien at Your Local Movie Theatre

I believe we can all agree that immigrants who are here illegally and commit crimes should absolutely be turned into federal law enforcement agencies.

However, what about immigrants who arrive here illegally that are so-called productive citizens…well…except they aren’t citizens? What do we do with them?

In the American View of Law and Government, the purpose of government is to secure the God-given rights of Americans.  Those here illegally have God-given rights but the American Government cannot secure an illegal immigrant’s rights while at the same time securing a legal American’s God-given rights.  You see, until the illegal immigrant is an American, by legal definition he has broken the laws of the land, making him a criminal, and therefore he forfeits his rights by due process as the Fifth Amendment states.

Allow me to clarify.

Say you take a trip to the local movie theatre to see a wonderful new film.  You purchase your ticket and stroll up to the overpriced concession stand to support free enterprise by making a purchase.  Though it is a high cost to pay, you have consoled yourself with the thought of the overwhelming pleasure you will have with this entertainment experience.  As you sit in your seat and the movie begins you notice someone from the row behind you run up to the exit door in the dimly lit room and open it for a dozen individuals with candy, soda, and popcorn who stealthily take their seats.  A sense of violation instantly paralyzes you as one of these individuals stares you down as if to say, “You better not say anything.” You know you are outnumbered for the time being and, with no theatre attendee near, you decide to try and just focus on the movie and enjoy the experience as much as you can.

Once the movie is over and the credits begin, the illegal attendees all exit the theatre before the attendant appears.  Just as you get up and ready yourself to exit the theatre the ticket attendant requests an additional $20 from you in order to cover the cost of those who attended the movie illegally.  Of course you appeal to the movie theatre owner who informs you, “In order to protect the dignity, liberty, and emotional stability of the illicit attendees and not to risk protest from the individuals, we found it easier to just charge the other attendees such as yourself.”

Perhaps the most disturbing thing for Americans to consider on this issue is that many are obstructing justice in order to get the outcome they want rather than working to better legislation to get the outcome.  These actions exemplify the legal doctrine, “aiding and abetting a crime,” which is punishable by law.

This mentality is targeting the minds of children, like those in California where the Los Angeles Unified School District unanimously voted for a resolution the designates “any LAUSD campus as a ‘safe place’ for immigrants and their families.” This resolution states that schools cannot inquire about a student or family member’s immigration status. It also allows district employees to refuse, to the fullest extent possible under the law, to share information with immigration agents.

In essence, social engineers are teaching youth in America to normalize lawbreaking instead of making sure the law is fair and upheld.

In this case we will pervert justice, which immediately and perpetually denies the security of rights of all societies, regardless of color, creed, sex, or social status.

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  1. CoyoteJohnKerr says:

    You are correct, Jake, we are creating a society where breaking the law is considered socially acceptable and necessary to insure a desired political outcome. Not only are we ignoring the law for political reasons, we are creating a favored class of residents who believe they have special rights and privileges the rest of us do not have, namely, that they are “above” the law that the rest of us have to follow. Once justification is established for breaking one law, the logical conclusion is reached that other laws, can also be ignored. For example, it is common for illegal immigrants to ignore the law when it comes to obtaining vehicle insurance. Most will justify ignoring this law for economic reasons or inconvenience but the net effect is much broader than not just having insurance. It creates a situation where there is a cascading effect of lawlessness, as circumstances arise such as a traffic accident, exactly why the insurance is mandated in the first place. Rather than facing the consequences of not having the insurance, it is much easier to avoid the situation all together, thus creating a pattern of criminal behavior.
    I realize I am preaching to the choir on this forum but until the general citizenry of the country accepts the fact that crime leads to more crime, then we will never have the political will to enforce all laws, including those laws that protect our borders. Creating a special class of residents by ignoring immigration law is a slippery slope that we have already started down. To continue on this path will surely not have a favorable outcome. We owe it to ourselves and our children to start enforcing the law. The sooner the better.