A System in Crisis

“… donors like George Soros ..will pay..a pretty good living wage..to become professional protesters. About what, they don’t care. They’re just told..where to show up, here are the signs, make as much racket as you can.” – Rush Limbaugh

Welcome to the land of the free in 2017. It’s gotten so bad that the only presidential option worse than a celebrity outsider was the other nominee.

The deep state, the media, the federal reserve, much of the intel community, and the core of both political parties and their special interests, foreign and domestic, have formed an unholy alliance that negates the will and trust of the American people. Our Constitution is in a perpetual state of violation by career politicians, activist judges and hand selected executives. The hijacking of our political system has become tragically and alarmingly normative and it only takes one renegade, rogue commander to bring out the worst in these vipers.

Donald Trump likely has less true power and influence than we can fathom. He certainly has a great deal of enemies who look to undermine his every move that does not conform to some preconceived geopolitical itinerary. Luciferian secularists are the biggest threat in the world today on many levels, but they have been for a while; this has been a gradual build and it will continue.

More people are waking up, which may cause a ground swell of dark developments to really accelerate. Islam is continuously exploited by the military industrial complex and secular elites. The endgame is to counter religious extremism in a general sense and Christian orthodoxy will be deemed outside the new religious mainstream (and their emphasis on social justice, environmentalism, universalism, poverty and LGBT inclusivity).

I understand it’s taboo and somewhat foolhardy to interpret current events. However, religious humanism is growing and it’s biblically sound to believe the world will proceed to be at enmity with God.

Are there no modern day Neros? Do the princes and principalities ever really change? The evil in high places are perpetual, and operate outside the realm of God’s grace.

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