A Simple Idea to Support Law Enforcement

Kristen and Chris Lowder, who served as an Infantry Officer with the U.S. Marine Corps

Kristine and Chris Lowder, who served as an Infantry Officer with the U.S. Marine Corps

A Washington man has come up with a simple idea to show support for law enforcement.

Alan Audette of Maple Valley, WA decided he needed to do something immediately to show his support for police officers following attacks and deadly shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge (add Kansas City to the list as of Tuesday).

So he grabbed a roll of blue painter’s tape and added a blue stripe to the back window of his vehicle.

Explained Audette:

“I decided we needed to do something immediately. So I was in the garage and happened to stumble across a roll of blue tape and thought it will be really easy and cheap to roll a piece of tape on our car.”

He posted on a community Facebook page and asked people to grab a roll of blue painter’s tape out of their garage, and place a blue stripe across the back window of their car.

Woodrow Wilcox


The blue stripe campaign has gathered steam. Audette reports getting “blue tape” pictures from Tennessee, Florida, Hawaii, and Australia in support of law enforcement.

Audette hopes the gesture will let local law enforcement officers know that they’re supported and appreciated.

I’m heading down to the basement and digging up my roll of blue painter’s tape, pronto. How ‘bout you?


H/T: First Coast News

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