A Review of Matt Barber’s ‘Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity’

Jesus_ChristianityLong before Matt Barber published “Hating Jesus” I was reading Matt’s articles online. I always marveled at his writing skills which mimicked his skill in the art of pugilism, (boxing) the similarities were unmistakable. He always knows his opponents style and after sizing them up puts forth an amazing form that catches them off guard.

He dances, jabs, tests and seeks the weakness, then at the very best moment attacks with a fury of strength and focus to knock his opponent to the mat. This describes Matt’s boxing and his writing skills. I am familiar with both.

Co-writer Paul Hair is a prolific writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He is a former intelligence analyst who makes valuable “intelligence assessments” and “policy solutions.” His work can be found on line at top news and conservative sites like WND, Breitbart and The Daily Caller. A ghost writer Paul can be reached at his website or at [email protected]

Not just a theme – but a purpose

Matt’s opponents are strong and ruthless; they are America’s enemies because they represent the frontlines of the spiritual and moral decay that is inundating our nation. They come from the well-organized “Isaiah 5: 20” team and they are relentless and driven opponents.

They are reprobate culture invaders seeking to bring America into disarray and direct conflict with the full will and counsel of the Living God.

Woodrow Wilcox


Don’t look for a theme in Hating Jesus (HJ) because the book is fired by a purpose, not merely a theme. Barber takes aim at the entire LGBT movement and its invasion into the culture, the law, the media, schools, the church and the spiritual underpinnings of our nation.

Although we may liken HJ to Barber’s boxing style, make no mistake, it is a serious force aligned against the heretofore uncontested forces of the LGBT.

The introduction of HJ says it all.

“In Hating Jesus Matt Barber first documents how successful the American left has been in its war on Christianity and then concludes by providing both hope and a simple plan on how the body of Christ can fight back against the enemies of God.”

Matt and co-writer Paul Hair have provided the reader with a veritable compendium of all the LGBT tricks, trends and manipulations being thrust at the American people. This includes using the law, the media, Hollywood and the public school system to shift public opinion away from a Biblical, moral, natural and reasonable view of the activities of the homosexual and transgender community. HJ refers to this not as warfare but as “lawfare.” It is the ploy of the LGBT to seek not civil rights, but special rights that are aimed at forcing local areas, states and the entire nation to go gay or dearly pay.

While only about two percent of the nation is homo, the LGBT would have every citizen scrutinized, charged and dragged up before the courts for everything from their slightest contestation about the gay agenda to their most private personal thoughts.

Using Alinskyite type tactics to engage the thoughts of this morally handicapped generation is phase-one and is well underway. The second step in the gay agenda is to attack, and create fear of losing everything from career to a fortune in defending against law suits and harassment.

We may have something to worry about when thinking of what the Alinsky-Lenin rules did for Russia and the Eastern Bloc nations, but an example much closer to home speaks of how far the gay agenda will go to destroy both individuals, organizations and yes, Christian churches.

In Toronto, Canada Bill Whatcott, who distributed biblically based material at the 2016 gay pride parade has had a $104,000,000 class action suit leveled at him for his efforts. The witch hunt is under legal consideration in our closest neighbor, but other efforts show that the LGBT and Barack Obama have aimed at ostracizing entire nations for their refusal to proliferate the gay agenda.

These are the kinds of facts Barber and Hair fully detail in HJ.

The purpose of HJ seems immediately apparent. While millennials are pursuing everything from how to start new colonies among the stars, to chasing Pokémon critters among the gravestones and national monuments; Barber and Hair have issued a wake-up call to an entire generation and a sleepy distracted and wholly self-satisfied Christian church.

That warning is clear: the gay agenda is crashing into every aspect of American life with an eye to crushing our liberties and destroy Christianity in our nation. It is the goal of what Barber calls the “Big Sin” lobby.

HJ takes us through the reasons the homo-agenda is aimed at Christianity among which is a desire as perverted as homosexuality itself, it is twisting the extended courtesy given to other religions and behavioral practices for the purpose of destroying the Christianity upon which our nation was founded.

The twist is subtle and applied in increments so the general public will not panic and rise against it, Barber says, “The LGBT lobby’s “gay” caliphate is trying to conquer the world, one Christian bakery at a time.” Chapter fourteen is entitled, “Practicing Christianity Means Committing Crimes against Humanity” – this is the ultimate goal of the LGBT agenda.

What’s at the heart of the LGBT push and where does it come from?

The answer to the above question is dealt with superbly in HJ’s chapter 17 entitled “Establishing the New Religion.”

A key element to solving crimes used in law enforcement and forensic science is to discover a motive for a crime. Chapter 17 starts with, “The anti-Christians regularly present themselves as rational, “science-minded” people who don’t believe in supposedly superstitious things such as God and religion. Yet, instead of believing that the one true God, Creator of heaven and earth, is God, they believe their own little subjective worlds, deceptive words and relative “truths” to somehow represent reality.”

The motive is to eliminate Christianity and thereby dismiss the God of the Christians. It is hatred for Jesus and hatred for those who follow him. The Isaiah 5: 20 team accuses the Christians of hatred, all the while it is they who are doing the hating. It is a perverted motive coming from reprobate minds that can no longer discern between good and evil or right and wrong. It is perversion begetting perversion. It is a tree found in hopeless confusion.

“For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.” (Lu 6: 44)

It is here that HJ hones in on the real motive of the homo-agenda. It is not equality or civil rights but the destruction of biblically-defined marriage. Destroy that, and you have smashed one of the very cornerstones of our nation. The motive is rooted in the great battle between good and evil and the spoils of war concomitant to that conflict is ultimately the very souls of men. It is a satanically driven agenda kept hidden from the warriors that wage it because – their commander in chief is the father of lies.

To the biblically-versed, it is the spiritual war against God and his Christ, to those whose perceptions are on a more secular level it is the attack of the leftists and liberals on all that our nation once was and could be again. By any description or definition it is the decay that brings demise. It is death clandestinely creeping in across the transom under the “proud” banner of civil rights.

It is the new religion of those whose god is…themselves.

HJ quotes blogger Matt Walsh in a post he made in 2014 which fairly summarizes the trend.

“The Cult of Leftism has many tenets, and it demands full compliance with all of them, but nothing in its creed compares to the sanctity of their two great sacraments: child murder and sodomy…”

Is there anything we can do about it?

Uncovering all the motives and methods of the great LGBT push would be meaningless if a way to counter it were not discussed. Fighters are trained, briefed about the ways of their enemies and fully equipped to make countermeasures against an encroaching foe.

HJ enters into tactics for both offensive and defensive warfare. The title of the last chapter is, “What Exactly Can Christians Do to Recover Lost Ground.” This chapter is written with an eye to helping those ahead of us, our children and our grandchildren. Barber says, “We must fight back” – “Christians, we must enter the culture war.”

Any Christian that takes their faith seriously and trusts in the revealed Word of God (the Bible) must take this fight to heart. The true Christian church does not hire mercenaries to fight for them; they are the army of the Lord. They fight with truth and with meekness which Matt Barber describes as “…Meekness, which is restrained strength.”

It is neither patronization nor titillation with Barber’s Hating Jesus that causes me to say it is a must read, but rather, it is the need to counter the scourge of LGBT advances that threaten our children and the very future of our nation. Those ill prepared will do nothing; HJ is preparation and accurate assessment of our enemy. It is the wherewithal to uncover and defeat the wiles of our most ancient foe – the Devil! (Eph 6: 11)

Think you are not in this fight? Think again.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6: 12)

Hating Jesus is 215 pages published by Barbwire Books and is running strong and positive reviews on Amazon.com it is available in paperback and electronic versions.

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