60 Years of Racial Politics Come Home to Roost


 “…that all men are created equal…”

Not that they are equal, or that the outcomes of their lives will be equal; but that they are created equal.  What happens after that depends on what each individual man or woman does with their lives.

But feckless white politicians since the sixties have turned that on its head, trying to substitute equal results for each and every American, with disastrous results.  The quasi-socialism promoted by all the Democrats and many of the Republicans posits that humans are worthy of being “guaranteed” good housing, education, incomes, etc., regardless of the efforts of the individual.  The Left continually harp about “sustainability” on environmental issues, but totally abandon that idea when it comes to their social engineering agenda: ensuring those things for individuals who will not make any effort to provide them for themselves means taking from people who have studied and worked hard to make lives for themselves and their families, and giving it to those who have not.

The greatest (worst) example of that is the race pandering that has gone on in the U.S. since the mid-sixties.  Instead of temporary programs to help level the playing field for blacks whose educational opportunities were impacted by Jim Crow legislation, politicians chose to label black Americans as incapable of succeeding on their own (the worst form of racism), subsequently throwing trillions of dollars at school programs, job training programs, etc., supposedly designed to help disadvantaged and poor blacks achieve equal results in the job market.  As with all government programs, nothing was required from the recipients – no standards of behavior or performance, attire or even attendance.  For the true purpose of such programs was not to help blacks lead free, independent lives (then they’d no longer be slaves to the Democrat plantation), but to ensure the Democrats received black votes in return for all that “help.”

Most black Americans didn’t fall for that scam, but enough did that we now have a permanent black underclass where drugs, crime, illegitimacy and social chaos are the norm…for which they blame white people!  They take the welfare and aid to dependent children (which is partially responsible for the 70% illegitimacy rate among black Americans, since it subsidizes bad choices) and all the other government handouts, and after several generations consider that “my” money, displaying the typical “outrage” if/when anyone tampers with those programs.  Even though they’ve done nothing, for generations, to remedy their conditions.

They’re not prepared for decent jobs because studying in school was “acting white,” which would get you a beating from the more aggressive blacks who were more “down with the bruhs” (read: mindless cretins, more animal than human).  But they’re energetic enough, as evidenced by the ongoing “protests” that inevitably result in rioting, looting and burning of other people’s property…you know, those people who did study, save, work hard, etc.

Woodrow Wilcox


But our politicians, in both parties, continue to throw billions and programs at black people, as if they’re retarded children who just aren’t capable of doing any better.  The success of the black middle class soundly refutes that slanderous, inherently racist, assumption, but when have career politicians ever let the truth interfere with one of their successful boondoggles?

This blatantly racist approach to “equality” has resulted, as I said, in a permanent underclass that is responsible for much of the social failures in our cities (crime, draining of tax revenues to sustain them, illegitimacy, etc.).  What we’re seeing the past two years is the inevitable result of institutionalizing a class of people as helpless dependents who must be cared for, instead of requiring (demanding?) that they, just like everyone else of whatever race, take responsibility for themselves and their own lives.  And we, the American people, although we recognize how fundamentally wrong that is, have meekly acquiesced because that was easier than forcing politicians to do the right thing.  After all, we have our own lives, jobs and families that demand our efforts and concentration.

Barack Obama is one outcome of this affirmative action approach to race: a black man (well, partially) with no record of achieving anything in his entire life, except that he can speak fairly well.  Comedian Chris Rock once the “he is so well-spoken” comments about General Colin Powell simply means that you expect a black man to say something like, “We be gwanna drops sum bombs on dem today.”  Same with Obama: he speaks well “for a black man,” but with the Left that’s all it takes for them to fawn all over this utterly talentless, unskilled underachiever.  He’s black, and that’s what counts, because it “proves” they’re not racist.  So just as with all the government racial programs, he doesn’t have to do anything productive, and can even do lots of destructive things, he’s the living proof of their personal nobility and open-mindedness.

Someone once wrote that you can be so open-minded that your damn brains fall out, and that’s apparently what has happened to most career politicians when it comes to race.  Black people are capable of fending for themselves, as most have shown.  But to whom would the Democrats turn to for votes if they demanded that same level of responsibility and behavior from the permanent black underclass?  Hispanics?  Maybe, since they’ve really focused their efforts in that direction of late.  But the Left is addicted as much to black votes as they’ve allowed that black underclass to become addicted to “free” stuff from the government.  It’s a classic co-dependency relationship.

So we teeter on the edge of a race war; not with all blacks against all whites, but with that permanent underclass of blacks against whites and any other black who dares question, let alone challenge, their own racist views that their self-inflicted poverty and squalor is “the white man’s fault.”  But there are enough of them, in every town and city in this country, to disrupt normalcy (closing highways and bridges in their protests, then rioting when police try to disperse them).  The vehemently avowed racists in Black Lives Matter (Tomi Lahren has it right: they’re the modern KKK, promoting violence against one race in the name of another) have murdered cops in Dallas and elsewhere; how long before they and the New Black Panther Party, et al, start targeting random white people, just because they’re white?

White people have an underclass, too, people who won’t work or educate themselves, and who drain resources and commit crime and are socially irresponsible.  But the media doesn’t celebrate them (they’re just “ignorant rednecks”) nor give 24/7 coverage of their “protests.”  And white people don’t see them as revolutionaries or freedom fighters…they’re just ignorant, violent sociopaths we hope the police keep in check.

The only real fix to the ongoing racial conflict from the permanent black underclass requires two things: (1) government must stop subsidizing the bad behavior that has led us to this point.  Welfare and other programs must be temporary, a hand up not a hand out (e.g., with each illegitimate child those temporary benefits are cut, not increased), and some effort from the recipients must be required, even if it’s picking up trash on the streets and highways.

Second, and most importantly, black “leaders” (and I’m not talking about the race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, et al) must start being leaders and address the problem as it needs to be addressed: Black people have to take responsibility for their lives!  Blaming white people may be easier, but look where it leaves many black people.  White people don’t want you to be in poverty, with half dozen kids and committing crimes, etc.  We don’t “want” anything for you, good or bad; we have our own lives to live!  We’d like to see you succeed, actually, because then maybe the government would take less of our income in taxes, we’d not have to be wary anytime we encounter young black males (and, increasingly, females), wondering if they’re part of the BLM thuggery.

Government has established and fed a permanent black underclass that is willing to be dependent upon handouts rather than engage in the struggles that all the rest of us deal with our entire lives.  “White privilege” may be true for the Kerry’s, Clintons, Bushes, et al, but it doesn’t exist for most white Americans; it’s just a myth blacks tell themselves to disguise their own failures, their own unwillingness to do the hard work of providing for themselves that all the rest of us do.  Unless we force politicians to stop this insanity that has been going on for sixty years (and look what it has led to), it will continue.  Poor blacks must be weaned off the government teat and forced, if need be, to fend for themselves as responsible, productive citizens.  The results of their own bad choices are not, as they claim, the white man’s fault, and it’s high time that truth was acknowledged…and acted upon.

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