1984 or 2016?

Phil Jensen


If you have ever read George Orwell’s novel “1984” you know it paints a very dark but all too prescient picture of a totalitarian government. A civil government which rules its citizens with an iron fist.  The deceptive use of language was the critical element for the government system of bondage by which it enslaved the people. It worked tirelessly to lie to the people.

Big Brother

Big Brother

“In Orwell’s thriller, electronic surveillance conducted by the omnipresent “Big Brother” was a major factor, as was the development and implementation of a language, Newspeak, that was devised to control thought over time by eliminating words from the vernacular.  When words were eliminated, thoughts and concepts those words represented would be eliminated.

Furthermore, terms to describe government agencies were often the opposite of what their respective missions were… The omnipresent Party understood that “who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Rick Kriebel 2016


The world in which the residents of 1984 resided was a world of deception and lies where “up” was “down” and “right” was “wrong.” In 1984 the use of conflicting terms were designed to be disorienting and intimidating to better gain total control over the masses.”[1]

Don’t we see that fulfilled in our land today? 2016 is 1984. A federal government spending billions to spy on us and everything we do, supposedly for our security. That statement is a clear example of the Newspeak Orwell spoke of. They claim they have to break the law, specifically the 4th Amendment, for our own good. Sounds like an excuse a burglar might make as he breaks into your house – “I’m really doing this for your own good, just trust me on that.”

There are multitudes of examples of Newspeak we could expose. I saw another example on a bumper sticker this week. It was simple; “Legalize Love.” What would that have meant 50 years ago? Decriminalize fornication. How about 40 years ago? Decriminalize adultery. Even ten years ago it would probably have meant decriminalize sodomy.

Woodrow Wilcox


By the way, just spilling ink on paper does not change the laws of the universe, these are still crimes even though the civil government has claimed to change them. And the laws of the universe still bring to bear the Creator’s punishments for violating His law.

Also we must note, none of those things supposedly “legalized” are love. They are sin, and to be sure, sins driven by powerful lusts; but lust is not love.

So what what could that bumper sticker possibly mean today? With fornication, adultery and sodomy and even sodomite unmarriage now supposedly legalized, what’s next? Rape, Pedophilia, beastiality or what other unspeakable perversion? I don’t know the answer because the bumper sticker didn’t say, but I thought to myself there is another illustration of the Newspeak so prevalent in our land.

Well the biggest lie being promulgated by Newspeak is this (it is so subtle that you may not clearly detect it without some careful thought) that lie is this: government is God. That it is a being who has unlimited powers, unending resources, it can (if you are a compliant obedient subject) provide for you from cradle to grave, it will fulfill your most important needs in life. It will educate you, provide a job for you, give you an income in your older years when you can no longer work, it will provide for all of your health care needs and even your wants.

Want a sex change operation, the government is there for you, gave birth to children without a husband, well you don’t need one, the government will do nearly everything for you a husband would do. The government is your ever present companion, watching you every moment listening in on most of your conversations. You never need worry about safety or security because the government is there to protect you from all harm.

In short, who needs God when you have the government on your side. It claims omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence, knowing all, being everywhere, and all powerful. That is a claim to deity, a blasphemous demand for worship.

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[1] http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/262391/america-now-has-official-language-newspeak-michael-cutler



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