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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

‘The Heart of a Baby Bird’

The Bible makes it clear that the Lord hates injustice, bullies, tyrannical rulers, those who oppress the helpless and murder the innocent. Yet our fallen world is full of all this, is it not? We have seen such injustice and tyranny throughout all the history of mankind, but it has been increasing to near unbearable levels recently, as government leaders pursue the devil’s agenda and crooked judges persecute the poor and innocent, and most especially, the Godly.

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Credit: Corey Taratuta

Will the Madness of Radical Liberalism Never End?

Trump won. It is reality. It doesn’t matter if people like it or not. It doesn’t matter if liberals (some allegedly paid) take to the streets and destroy every city block in every city throughout the US. Nothing is changed. Nothing except the new ways that the liberals try to change the results to fit their reality.

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