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Jack Kevorkian, assisted suicide activist (Photo credit: William M)

Blinded by the Light of Celebrity

The push to legalize assisted suicide in the U.K. has been ongoing for several years. And much in the same way that the American mainstream media does everything in its considerable power to advance the agenda of President Obama, the BBC seems quite happy to use its influence to advance the cause of one, Lord Falconer, and his assisted-suicide legislation. This truly is a brilliant strategy. Winning hearts and minds through the power of celebrity. If supergenius Stephen Hawking has reached the conclusion that assisted suicide is a good thing, well then it must be a good thing. He’s so smart, after all. Just like Scarlett Johansson and Kerri Washington are so pretty. They couldn’t possibly be wrong, or misguided, or shortsighted, or self-centered.

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World War II Memorial, seen from atop the Washington Monument

Obama Admin: Make the Shutdown Hurt, Blame Others

By now you’ve probably heard about the World War II vets who had to break through a barricade yesterday to get to their memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Now it is confirmed that the Obama Administration ordered the Park Service to block off the World War II memorial. Though the Obama Administration claims there aren’t any Park Service employees to “allow” people access to this open-air memorial, they ORDERED Park Service employees to barricade the memorial and deny access. Am I the only one who sees a pinnacle of irony and hypocrisy here?

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Mount Vernon

The Dismantling of a Lofty Perch

What patriotic conservative would not relish reading an article entitled, Mount Vernon opens library dedicated to Washington? How many of us would cheer and say “it’s about time?” But what we may get could be historical revisionism. The AP release begins in part with “…formally opened a new $47 million library dedicated to the study of America’s first president, with plans to host a series of scholars who will examine…” This was followed by, “And if those scholars occasionally knock Washington off his lofty perch as the flawless Father of our Country, that’s OK by Mount Vernon.”

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