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Homosexual Pride parade in London (Photo credit: Fae from WIkimedia Commons)

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Hurts No One? Tell That to the UK

On Monday, I got a glimpse into another country that debunks many of the lies homosexual activists tell, and I want to share it with you. My editors at Renew America forwarded me an e-mail letter they received from a couple in the UK. In the couple’s brief note addressed to me, they easily shredded the lies of the sodomite movement

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UK local elections 2013. Blue=Conservative, Red=Labour, White=Independent, Black=No overall control (Source: WIkimedia Commons)

UK Elections Have Lesson for American ‘Republicans’

The British Tory Party is in disarray. They have become a party with no identity, struggling to shore up its right flank in the face of sincere opposition, unable to deal with the major economic issues confronting the nation and a growing welfare state. Sound familiar? One might write a similar epitaph for Republicans in the U.S.

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