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South Dakota Senator Lance Russell

Video: Senator Lance Russell on Protecting People in Public Restrooms

During the legislative crackerbarrel meeting in Rapid City today, a member of the audience asked legislators about what can be done to protect women and children in public restrooms, now that the Left has succeeded in many places in allowing men to use women’s facilities.

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Marijuana joint (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Study: Another Nail in the ‘Safe’ Marijuana Coffin

The evidence just continues to mount that marijuana is not the wonderful, benevolent plant that potheads claim it is. Not that there has been a dearth of that information in the past, since for years I have remarked on factual data about its dangers, including traffic deaths, mental health issues, psychosis, schizophrenia, other psychotic symptoms and other health dangers. Then, of course, there are the wonderful things pot use does for productivity and responsible use of the taxpayer’s dollars.

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