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Route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Ocean in View

“Ocian in view! O! the joy,” wrote William Clark in his Journal, but the next day, NOVEMBER 8, 1805, Lewis and Clark realized they were only at Gray’s Bay, still 20 miles from the Pacific. By Clark’s estimate, their journey, commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson, had taken them 4,162 miles from the mouth of the Missouri River.

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Death (Wounding) of Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Thank God I Have Done My Duty

British Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his right eye capturing Corsica and his right arm attacking the Canary Islands. He captured six and destroyed seven of Napoleon’s ships at the Battle of the Nile, trapping Napoleon is Muslim Egypt. He assaulted Copenhagen. Horatio Nelson is best remembered for winning one of the greatest naval battles in history, the Battle of Trafalgar, OCTOBER 21, 1805.

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