A wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government. — Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801

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Palm Sunday and the Den of Thieves

David Whitney

Palm Sunday is a glorious Sunday, when we recall that triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. At that momentous point, the people recognize that Jesus is the Messiah, the King that was long promised in the writings of the prophets. As I was studying Luke’s account of Palm Sunday this week it struck me just how different that day was for Jesus in contrast with the crowd rejoicing about Him.


Yes, America Did Build That

Dr. Robert R. Owens

The people of Great Britain, the political forefathers of American liberty, fought for centuries to establish individual freedom. Beginning as abject servants of an absolute king, they struggled to carve out a space for the recognition of personal independence. Through battles and death, fire and sword, through revolution and repression, the people of Britain won inch by inch a space for humanity to breathe free.


Billy Blackstone and the Christian Underdog

A.J. Castellitto

Our leaders are unlawful, the social landscape is in a state of decay, and half the country is oblivious.... Welcome to America in the year 2014! It's no wonder that today's Christian feels less at home here than at any other time in the history of our nation. We are swiftly becoming a silenced minority. It wasn't always this way; in fact, it actually started out pretty well....


‘Pretended Legislation’ Must Get No Rubber Stamp

Michael Peroutka

The United States of America began when moral, God-fearing men realized and acted on the realization that legislation put forth by Parliament and King George, III, was not, in fact, legal. Now let’s fast forward to today and to what is happening in our Country, our States and our Counties.


You Say You Want a Revolution

Dr. Robert R. Owens

Our revolution changed the world. Our Declaration of Independence proclaims self-evident truths. That all men are created equal, they’re endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These words shook a world held in the vise-grip of hereditary privilege inspiring people around the globe. Our Constitution established a representative republic with a limited government of the people, by the people and for the people.

A U.S. Air Force North American F-100F-10-NA Super Sabre (s/n 56-3837), flying in Southeast Asia in July 1968. This aircraft was flown by the "Misty" Forward Air Controllers of the 416th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 37th Tactical Fighter Wing.

USAF Vietnam, Korea Fighter Pilot to Talk on April 12


Charles "Charlie" Summers (USAF ret) of Rapid City spent three tours in Vietnam flying the F-100 Super Sabre. On Saturday, April 12th, he will present his combat experiences to the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group at the Western Dakota Technical Institute at 9 am.


Is Praying in Jesus’ Name Revolutionary?

Michael Peroutka

Carroll County (Maryland) Commissioner Robin Frazier opened up last Thursday morning’s Board of Commissioners budget meeting with a prayer containing references to Jesus Christ. This is, of course, a perfectly normal and appropriate and legal thing to do. When Commissioner Frazier offered the prayer she was telling the truth and following the law.

Fictional flag (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Communist States of America

J. Matt Barber

A preferred ploy of left-wing change agents is to ridicule critics when they point out the undeniable parallels between the goals of today’s “progressive” movement, to include the Democratic Party in general, and the goals of the early, and very much still alive, communist movement.

Karl Brandt at the Nuremberg Trials

Tyranny on Trial: Who’s to Blame?

Bradlee Dean

It has been said that, “A nation whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the police state dictatorship it is going to get.” How true!


Simon Schama’s History of the Jews

Victor Sharpe

I watched the first installment of Simon Schama’s TV production: History of the Jews. Schama started what he called the story, strangely not the history, at a period some 3,000 years ago. But that timeline was already ancient Jewish history, which essentially is nearer 4,000 years old.

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Republicans Wimping-Out On Repeal Of Obamacare?

JD Longstreet

Obamacare has not even begun to affect your life yet. The law is so large, so intrusive in your private life that you are just not going to believe the depth of government meddling that attends Obamacare. It has yet begun -- but it's coming, I assure you. And now the GOP is backing away from a total repeal of Obamacare.

Peter LaBarbera being arrested

Free Speech, Under the Homosexual Boot

Bob Ellis

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and Canadian pro-family activist Bill Whatcott were recently arrested in Regina, Saskatchewan for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and abortion. How's that for the "open mindedness" and "academic freedom" that universities always crow about?

Photo credit: BU Interactive News

Mitt Romney Won the 2012 Presidential Election by a Landslide

Carrie K. Hutchens

Romney's campaign ran strong until the end, when voters pushed him over the edge and into a landslide win that shocked the Obama team and raised cheers that could be heard around the world.


Food Stamps for Cash

Robert Romano

Perhaps the foolish ones are those who keep working. As it turns out, many federal and state-based welfare programs, including the federally funded $17.3 billion a year Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), legally allow for cash withdrawals from ATMs and cash back options at grocery stores and elsewhere.


Alice in Wonderland in Nevada

Michael Peroutka

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice (remember Alice in Wonderland), “whether you can make words mean different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “who is to be master – that is all.” Perhaps Alice can give us some insight into what the government is doing right now in Bunkerville, Nevada.


"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all." - Ronald Reagan, Nov. 10, 1964