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Does Home Depot Oppose Religious Freedom?

At today’s annual meeting of Home Depot shareholders in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Center for Public Policy Research denounced the hardware giant’s affiliation with an activist group that lobbied against Georgia’s effort to protect religious freedom at the state level and asked the hardware giant’s management point-blank: “Does Home Depot oppose religious freedom?”

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Mayflower Compact

The Fight for Religious Freedom

Our constitution exists to protect individual freedom and define and limit the role of government. It does not exist to use government power to force the set of values of one private citizen on other.

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John Stone

Georgia: Latest Front in Establishment War on Conservatives

John Stone seems like the perfect candidate. Then John Stone pledged that he would support changing the entire Republican leadership team in the House, and his polling numbers jumped from a too close to call race against Allen to a 74 -15 percent advantage when voters learned about that position. Suddenly, alternative candidate recruitment by the NRCC in this otherwise extremely winnable district became a priority.

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