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President Obama on Univision

Obama Fibs Again: When Will the Public Decide Enough is Enough?

As Fast & Furious unfolded, we were told it began with President Bush, but we quickly learned differently. We learned it began under the Obama administration, yet, on Thursday, September 20, 2012, we have the President of the United States falsely claiming the program began under President George W. Bush. Does President Obama think that if he lies with a straight face and says it enough that it will stick and people will begin to believe the lie as the truth and the truth as a lie?

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Members of the Hyphenated-Americans Caucus walking out on the Holder contempt vote

The Holder Walk-Out

I suppose we are expected to be impressed by the walk-out by the Congressional Black Caucus and Nancy Pelosi in protest to the Eric Holder contempt vote. Surprise!… many of us are anything but impressed by this childish behavior on the part of these so-called representatives of the people. Apparently, by their actions, they tell us they are only representatives of select groups and self — not the people — all the people — they are sworn to represent.

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US Attorney General Eric Holder at the podium (Photo credit: Lonnie Tague)

Congressional Black Caucus makes wrong call

When the House voted Thursday to find Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress, members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked out. Why is the Black Caucus trying to make this about race? It’s about Holder’s refusal to turn over Justice Department documents requested by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in its investigation of the “Fast and Furious” operation.

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Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency, Eric Holder, Attorney General. (Photo credit: Eric Vance)

Why the House Must Impeach President Obama

We, the lovers of freedom and the supporters of limited government cannot merely wait the clock out on the Obama presidency. If this slide into tyranny is not stopped, it will continue. If it is not protested, it will be accepted. I know there are not enough Senators to convict but if these blatant attacks upon the checks and balances are not punished, at least by the shame and reproach of an Impeachment Resolution, they are being silently condoned. Speaker Boehner: stand up and lead the House! Don’t just make a speech; present a case.

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