Conservatism is the antithesis of the kind of ideological fanaticism that has brought so much horror and destruction to the world. The common sense and common decency of ordinary men and women, working out their own lives in their own way—this is the heart of American conservatism today. Conservative wisdom and principles are derived from willingness to learn, not just from what is going on now, but from what has happened before. — Ronald Reagan, 1977 CPAC speech

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Who Does This Guy Think He is Kidding?

Bradlee Dean

The battle for gun control laws attempts to set emotion and passion against logic and reason. History shows that when these two contest against one another (that is why they are using moms), logic often loses. So, as long as the American people accept the rhetoric of the Bloombergs of the world, you can expect more meaningless and harmful gun legislation until, at length, America is disarmed.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Don’t Go There Buddy!

Rick Manning

Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t like being challenged to produce documents surrounding his Justice Department’s involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal. In fact, he became incensed when Representative Louis Gohmert had the temerity to push him regarding his Contempt of Congress citation, earned due to his stonewalling lawmaker requests for documents about their infamous Fast and Furious gun running scheme.

From "The Passion of the Christ"

The Murder of Jesus

David Whitney

When government agents kill someone, the common assumption often made that such a homicide is perfectly justified. They convince us that we cannot and must not question their actions. They are above the accountability required of everyone else. But the truth of the matter is that they accountable to God, and His law is the standard by which they will ultimately be judged, whether they participated in the murder six months ago of Miriam Carey or the murder of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Democrat California State Senator Leland Yee (Photo credit: CS California)

The Anti-Gun Gun-Runner

Rick Manning

Did you hear the one about the San Francisco, California Democrat State Senator who crusaded for additional gun control being arrested for plotting to sell guns to al Qaeda affiliated groups in the Philippines?

Somewhere in Warren County, New Jersey

Carry Thy Gun, Love Thy Neighbor

A.J. Castellitto

A gun in the hands of an evildoer troubles me. My hope is that in times of trouble there may be just, responsible, God-fearing men who may rise up to slay those who seek to destroy.


Lewis Ashker Murder Conviction Upheld


South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that First Circuit Court Judge Bruce Anderson has upheld Lewis Ashker’s first degree murder conviction. Ashker sought to escape his murder conviction on the basis that some hairs found on the victim did not belong to him.


Why Did Only 7 Democrats Vote Against Cop Killer Defender Adegbile?

Robert Romano

7 Senate Democrats had the good sense to dodge a political attack ad nightmare when Debo Adegbile was defeated to be the next Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. What is remarkable is that only 7 Democrats voted no. Too bad for Harry Reid he can’t count to 50.

Board of Pardons and Paroles at the South Dakota State Prison

South Dakota Death Penalty Repeal Bill Killed

Bob Ellis

A bill to repeal the death penalty in South Dakota was killed in the House State Affairs Committee today. Republican Rep. Steve Hickey, along with Senate co-sponsor Democrat Senator Billie Sutton, offered HB 1183 to repeal the death penalty in South Dakota, leaving only life imprisonment as the maximum sentence for convicted murderers. The bill was killed on a 7-6 vote.


Feb. 21 South Dakota Billwatch

Bob Ellis

There's a busy day ahead in the South Dakota Legislature today. These are some of the most noteworthy bills being considered today. Perhaps the single most potentially impactful and important one today is HB 1183, an attempt to repeal the death penalty in South Dakota. As I have pointed out numerous times before, there are many reasons to keep the death penalty in place, and absolutely zero good ones to get rid of it.


The Second Amendment: When a State Capitol is an Airplane

Bob Ellis

Last week, HB 1228 was considered in the South Dakota House. The purpose of the bill was to "repeal the prohibition against carrying permitted concealed weapons in the state capitol." The arguments for and against became pretty interesting, especially when the prime intent of the bill was "hijacked."

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What Happened to the Gold Standard?

David John Marotta

A gold standard helps protect a currency from rampant inflation. The Fed could perform this function only if it could somehow display perfect self-control. Such an ideal may never occur and will never last when the temptation and incentives for the Fed to manipulate other parts of the economy are so great. Reform is necessary to protect our currency.


Would We the People Ratify the Constitution Today?

Dr. Robert R. Owens

We the People are the opening words of the preamble to the Constitution. Many patriots glory in that name, “We the People” holding it aloft as a banner against the encroachments of an ever expanding central government. In the minds of many, it is connected somehow to Lincoln’s famous description of America’s government, “Of the People, by the people and for the people.”


Liberals Announce Plan to ‘Purge’ Christians

J. Matt Barber

They were always deadly serious about criminalizing Christianity and killing free speech, but now the American left has stopped pretending otherwise.


Boston Moves to Mandate City Insurance Coverage for ‘Transgenders’

Gina Miller

Boston wants its city employee insurance to cover hormone “therapy” and “sex reassignment” surgery for people who delusionally believe they are members of the opposite sex.


He’s Not There!

Paula Dagnel

During the time of the early Church, when one believer would greet another, he would say “He is risen!” And the other believer would respond “He is risen, indeed!” I’d love to see that brought back to the present day; and if not every time we greet our fellow believer, at the very least, on this Easter weekend.


"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all." - Ronald Reagan, Nov. 10, 1964