We have proclaimed to the world our determination ‘to die freemen, rather than to live slaves’ … we have appealed to heaven for the justice of our cause, and in heaven have we placed our trust. Numerous have been the manifestations of God’s providence in sustaining us — Samuel Adams

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Responding to a Dhimmi Apologist for Islam

Gina Miller

On Sunday, our local paper, the Sun Herald, published a Letter to the Editor from John Briggs of Roxie, Mississippi. Titled, “Do not confuse ISIL with Islam,” it demonstrates a profound, conquered dhimmi mentality on the part of Mr. Briggs, who is an enthusiastic supporter of Islam.


Senate Republicans Vote Against Law, Constitution


U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised a constitutional point of order against the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending that, if sustained, would have sent the bill back to the House to remove amnesty funding. Unfortunately, a group of Republicans joined the Democrats in voting to reject Cruz's point of order and to ignore the serious constitutional problems with the president's executive amnesty.


To Remember and Act Accordingly

Jim Bowman

For those who sit speechless as the majority of half of one House succumbs to Presidential demands once again, we are now cornered into one irate position. Boehner is without clothes and voters are without patience. Don’t even try the insulting tag lines that the press was a factor or that “we the people” are aghast over another shutdown.


Contact Lens Regulations Cost Consumers Billions

David John Marotta

Regulations should not trap and force needless expenses on consumers. The next time you find yourself paying $114 for a visit just to renew your prescription or purchasing contacts in bulk before your prescription expires, remember that this experience is the fault of Congress.

Do not feed the RINOs

Do Not Feed the RINOs!

Bob Ellis

"Republican" "leadership" has done nothing since the historic election just a little over a month ago (you know, the one that thoroughly repudiated President Obama, congressional Democrats and their Leftist agenda) that they are powerless, that they have limited options, that they really can't do anything to stop the Leftist agenda. It's interesting that this isn't the song and dance we were treated to by the RINOs during the election.


Muslim go BOOM!

J. Matt Barber

Take any objective evil, say, homosexual sin. State its prefix, “homo.” Just add “phobia,” and voila! The person who holds to the millennia-old precepts of authentic biblical sexual morality is no longer a “Christian,” but, rather, is magically transformed into that mythical creature called “The Homophobe.” Cute. The same applies to so-called “Islamophobia.”


Hypocrisy of Homosexual Tyranny Exposed

Bob Ellis

Theodore Shoebat at shoebat.com Awareness and Action proved that the Left, specifically the homosexual activist movement, is as hypocritical as you might have guessed. Shoebat's group called 13 bakeries that are homosexual-owned or are owned by pro-homosexuals and asked them to make a pro-traditional marriage cake for an event.

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Enriching the Bad Guys

Bob Ellis

President Obama's decision to bail out the Marxist thugs in Cuba has me thinking again. Thinking again, as I have thought since at least the 90s (when congress normalized trade relations with the communist regime in China...who are still a bunch of oppressive communist thugs, 20 years later) about why in the world a self-respecting, freedom-loving nation should EVER want anything whatsoever to do with an oppressive Marxist regime.


Senators Cruz and Lee: The Big Lie

Rick Manning

Anonymous and some not so anonymous Republican Senators attempted to bury their fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for having the audacity to force Senate floor votes on the constitutionality of President Obama’s executive amnesty.


I agree with Whoopi Goldberg!

Woodrow Wilcox

On “The View” TV program on December 17, 2014, Whoopi Goldberg said that our prayers go to the families in Pakistan who lost their children and others in the attack on a school in Pakistan by the Taliban. She added that Americans who want to support or help the Taliban or ISIS should realize that those groups support such acts of terror. Whoopi ended the comment by telling the audience that people in the U.S. who like the Taliban or ISIS should leave because we don’t need them in this country.

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I’m White, and a Victim of Racism

Bob Ellis

Hot Air examines a goofy People interview that Barack and Michelle Obama gave in which they cited examples of the horrible racism to which they've been subjected. I'm a victim, just like Michelle Obama.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Senator Cruz: Why I tried to block Obama’s amnesty

Guest Author

Amnesty is wrong, and it is unfair. It’s unfair to millions of legal immigrants, to the 92 million Americans who are currently not in the labor force, and to minority communities across the nation struggling with record unemployment. Even more troubling was how the amnesty was decreed: by executive fiat, directly contrary to federal immigration law and to the Constitution.


"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all." - Ronald Reagan, Nov. 10, 1964