Consensus: “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?’ — Margaret Thatcher

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From the Israel Free Image Collection Project

Obama To Release Israeli Nuclear Spy?

JD Longstreet

Just a few days ago there was a hot rumor, making the journalistic rounds, that US Secretary of State John Kerry was considering offering to release Jonathan Pollard to Israel as a chit, if you will, in his pitiful pleas for a peace deal between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. It is just another pathetic demonstration of just how bad US foreign policy under the Obama Regime really is. It's bad -- and getting worse as the days pass.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addresses reporters before a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry at Winfield House, the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in London, United Kingdom, on March 14, 2014

Will Obama Lose The Baltic States?

JD Longstreet

Putin's Russia has drawn the Crimea back into the Russian fold and has moved troops up to the borders of the eastern most portion of the Ukraine. Should he decide to invade the Ukraine, no doubt he will be successful and the West -- or as we are referring to the alliance of western states today -- "the Unled," will have lost again.


Societies Worldwide Rushing to the Same Conclusion

David Pepe

The present day in which we are living is moving at exponential speeds and there has never been a time in the 6000 year history of man in which our global society has moved this quickly. Our world and global society is moving and changing at the speed of a jet and billions are oblivious to where this jet is taking them.

United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at their trilateral meeting at the David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem, 2007 (Photo credit: Matty Stern)

Israel: Afflicted with Olmertia

Victor Sharpe

So bad was the crippling effect Ehud Olmert’s policies had inflicted upon Israel that "olmertia", a word which both rhymed with and had a similar meaning to the word, inertia, described the situation in Israel; what the Penguin English dictionary referred to a state of being inert and sluggishness; a lack of skill; an indisposition to motion, exertion or change. But the meaning ofolmertia for the Jewish state went much further and was far more debilitating than mere inertia.


Noah Movie Misses an Epic Opportunity


Noah is a significant departure both from the Biblical narrative and message, and Faith Driven Consumers are likely not going to spend their hard-earned dollars on an entertainment product that fails to resonate.


Simon Schama’s History of the Jews

Victor Sharpe

I watched the first installment of Simon Schama’s TV production: History of the Jews. Schama started what he called the story, strangely not the history, at a period some 3,000 years ago. But that timeline was already ancient Jewish history, which essentially is nearer 4,000 years old.

Palestinian Authority Lead Negotiator Saeb Erekat faces U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as both address reporters following a meeting focused on Middle East peace at the Muqata'a Presidential Compound in Ramallah, West Bank, on January 4, 2013.

The Rabbit Hole of Saeb Erakat

Victor Sharpe

That master of falsehoods, fabrications and breathtaking mendacity, Saeb Erakat, is at it again. Erakat, who is the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator in the delusional “peace talks” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, has yet again made the hoary old claim that the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are descended from the extinct Canaanites.

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The Four Walls of Godly Jurisdiction

Michael Peroutka

In the America View of law and government, we recognize that the Law of Nature and of Nature's God is a fixed, unchanging standard. And "jurisdiction" – the authority to speak and to enforce the law – is given, by God, to four separate governments.


Unshakable Hope

David Whitney

If you go to the stores these days you’re in for sticker shock as the price of everything heads to the ceiling, but there is one item that is going down in price. In fact, it’s so cheap that quite often it’s simply free for the taking. It is so abundantly available that the supply far outstrips any level of demand. What is that item?

Rachel's Tomb, 1930s

Are You a ‘Settler’ In Your Own Land?

Victor Sharpe

Jewish communities, (villages and towns) do not consist of “settlers.” The Jewish population of Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) consists of the descendants of the native and indigenous Jewish people who are now inhabiting and redeeming their own ancient land. This people are not “settlers” in what is already theirs by virtue of millennial physical and spiritual attachment.


Black Hills Area Legislative Candidate Forum


Tomorrow evening, FHA Action is pleased to present, our Hills Area Legislative Candidate Forum featuring the 2014 South Dakota House and Senate races. Participating, we will have seventeen candidates from SD State Legislative Districts 30-35.


The Environmental Impact of Environmentalism

Rick Manning

The environmental orgy known as Earth Day has come and gone. In all the celebration, the one thing that is seemingly never asked is whether or not environmentalist policies by the government are actually helping the environment?


"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all." - Ronald Reagan, Nov. 10, 1964