Articles By: Carrie K. Hutchens

Look Out:  Hysterical Liberals on the Attack

Look Out: Hysterical Liberals on the Attack

It’s amusing watching the hysterical liberals rushing to attack any who disagree (even slightly) with them. They are, after all, the all knowing… the all righteous… and they’ll provide the comments taken out of context & half truths to prove it.

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President Obama at his anti-gun press conference (Official White House Photo)

Time to Move On, Mr. President

Okay, I’m sure you will worry about us. What will we do without your superior intelligence and willingness to make all our decisions for us. Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out. You just go on, ’cause – it is time for you to move on.

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Credit: Corey Taratuta

Will the Madness of Radical Liberalism Never End?

Trump won. It is reality. It doesn’t matter if people like it or not. It doesn’t matter if liberals (some allegedly paid) take to the streets and destroy every city block in every city throughout the US. Nothing is changed. Nothing except the new ways that the liberals try to change the results to fit their reality.

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Inscription on the U.S. Dept of Justice Building

Here’s What I’ve Got to Say About the Bathroom

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has got some nerve. She dared to compare the bathroom issue to Jim Crow laws and water fountain restrictions of years ago. How wrongfully insulting! Apparently, she just doesn’t get it. She can’t seem to grasp that while she says it is against the law to violate a person’s civil rights — she is involved in violating mine and those who feel such as I do.

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Photo credit: Shawn Macdonald

Time We Stop Being Played

Politics is a rough sport, but I don’t think I have ever seen it as rough as this election season event. Of course, it is the climax to nearly eight years of “Hope & Change” from the Twilight Zone of delusion and narcissism on steroids.

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The Silence of Carrie:  A Brief Reprieve for Hillary Clinton

The Silence of Carrie: A Brief Reprieve for Hillary Clinton

It’s been a few years since Hillary Clinton was the shoe-in Democrat nominee for president, only for Obama to come out of nowhere and steal the nomination from her. Now, she’s the shoe-in once again and Bernie Sanders, an admitted socialist, is giving her quite the run for her money. Will he, too, steal her promised crown?

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Gloria Steinem (Photo credit: Ms. Foundation for Women)

Feminist Logic: Obedience to the Cause Required

Gloria Steinem opened mouth and once against showed her disdain for those not on-board with her opinions. How dare any woman not support Hillary Clinton? Should a female be a Bernie Sander’s fan, rather than Clinton, they are less serious voters? They are after boys and the boys are with Sanders? How insulting.

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Iowa Proof:  Beloved Hillary Clinton Melts Hearts & Gain Votes

Iowa Proof: Beloved Hillary Clinton Melts Hearts & Gain Votes

The long awaited Iowa caucus has come and gone. Hillary Clinton set the rooms on fire and became the beloved one that melted hearts and gained the majority of votes. Well, maybe not so much so.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Political Correctness: The Sacrifice

A school bus company has been told that it will accept buses from a source it has not been able to verify as safe and accountable. The company wants to wait until it can check out the source and the buses prior to putting them into service.

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Truth Matters:  MU Facts & Fiction

Truth Matters: MU Facts & Fiction

The world is not perfect. People are not perfect. There is always room for improvement. However, it is impossible to correct something that doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist as perceived to be. Can’t fix a dryer by working on a washer, for example. That makes sense, right? So, what if the problem isn’t actually rampant racism as suggested, but something else?

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