‘How to Speak Communist’ Focus of May 13 Presentation to Veterans

The Soviets are gone, but they left behind a powerful propaganda machine. “How to Speak Communist” will be the subject of a presentation by MAJ Bob Liebman (USAF ret) and former Iron Curtain defector and author of Journey for Freedom Peter Vodenka of Piedmont on Saturday May 13 at Ellsworth Air Force Base’s South Dakota Air and Space Museum. The free family event will be hosted by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group, starting at 9 am.

They will talk about how the Soviets weaponized language in pursuit of a global socialist state, which is still a little-known but key player in today’s geopolitical world. Common among nations then and now, the Soviets shared a pride in military defense. But do the words (“World Famous Armed Forces CCCR”) on the poster imply something else?

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