Video: SD Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller at Rapid City Legislative Crackerbarrel Meeting

South Dakota Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller

South Dakota Rep. Julie Frye-Mueller was one of the featured speakers at the legislative crackerbarrel meeting in Rapid City today.

Frye-Mueller discussed the bill HB 1157 which is the the agriculture future development subfund to provide funding for the State Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory.

She also discussed HB 1209 concerning the sale of STAR Academy. Frye-Mueller said the academy had done great and necessary work, and oppose the end of the facility and the sale of the property. She said the pressure from Governor Dennis Daugaard to sell the Star Academy property was overwhelming, but she still voted against it. Frye-Mueller said she heard conflicting information on the House floor as to claims that the property had already been sold and now the legislature was being expected to rubber-stamp what the governor had already done, and that no appraisal of the property had been done.

She said the legislature is often strong-armed by Governor Dennis Daugaard’s office to do the governor’s will, but she believes the legislature is there to do the will of the people.

Frye-Mueller also talked about “smokeout” procedures to revive a bill that was killed in committee. She said she had a bill that was killed in committee, but the “smokeout” rule allows you to challenge a committee ruling to kill a bill. The procedure involves getting 1/3 or more of the legislators to vote to consider the bill on the chamber floor. When she wanted to employ the “smokeout” procedure to attempt to revive her bill, she was told “You have to respect the committee process” that had killed her bill.

There was also considerable discussion of how the governor strongarms the legislature.  Sunday night dinners with the leadership very week, kill lists, etc. Vehicle bills, rushed pace.

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