Video: Senator Lance Russell on Protecting People in Public Restrooms

During the legislative crackerbarrel meeting in Rapid City today, a member of the audience asked legislators about what can be done to protect women and children in public restrooms, now that the Left has succeeded in many places in allowing men to use women’s facilities.

South Dakota Senator Lance Russell discusses protecting the public in public restrooms and locker rooms, when the Left’s radical sexual agenda makes that extremely difficult. Russell specifically discussed his bill SB 115 which was intended to deal with this.

Russell said the Family Heritage Alliance put together a bill and brought it to him. Russell said though the FHA proposed bill wanted bathrooms in it, he recommended the bill only look at the most sensitive areas which are shower rooms because virtually everyone (even Governor Daugaard) should be able to agree on that. Russell said unfortunately the Liberty Counsel, who had agreed to defend them, said the bill was being weakened from a legal standpoint and could no longer agree to defend the bill. Russell said he made a mistake in seeking to keep the restrooms out of the bill. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) also said they had weakened their position legally by trying to put out an olive branch to our “Democratic governor.” Russell and FHA talked about it and decided to withdraw the bill. Russell apologized for weakening and causing the demise of his own bill.

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