Trump’s Goldman Sachs Administration

Goldman Sachs World Headquarters (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

It was just announced last week that Donald Trump is bringing two more Goldman Sachs alumni into his administration, bringing the total of Goldman Sachs people working for President-elect Trump to six:

– Steve Bannon
– Steven Mnuchin
– Gary Cohn
– Jay Clayton
– Dina Habib Powell
– Anthony Scaramucci

But no, there is no Goldman Sachs influence in the Trump Administration. Not even a whiff.

Meanwhile, though Trump and his STrumpets whined incessantly about Senator Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi who worked at Goldman Sachs, Ted Cruz maintains an extremely conservative voting record (at 97%, vastly better than Donald Trump’s record of embracing liberalism and liberal politicians) which demonstrates Cruz is nobody’s tool–not the financial industry’s, not the Chamber of Commerce’s, not anybody’s.  Cruz has proved by his record that he is servant only to the U.S. Constitution and the interests of the American people.

And while the STrumpets bellyached about Cruz’s Senate campaign loan from Goldman Sachs, they conveniently forget about Trump’s Goldman Sachs loans…and the fact that Trump is a Goldman Sachs shareholder. But that’s okay, “because Trump.”

No, one of the most conservative voting records in the entire congress (97%) means absolutely nothing to people who are intent on supporting a liberal (regardless of whether that liberal has an “R” or a “D” after his name) just because he trash-talks their enemies and calls himself a “Republican”.

Oh yeah. In case you wondered, I’m chucking ruefully (actually, ROFL might be a more accurate and contemporary description) at the STrumpets who preened and crowed so hard about Goldman Sachs as they worshiped their orange-haired god. You bet I am. And will continue to ROFL (at the STrumpets only, that is, because America continues to slide into the cesspool, thanks to them, and that’s not funny) for probably at least the next four years.

Woodrow Wilcox


Hope you’re happy now, suckers. Because you’re going to get suckered on a LOT more than just Goldman Sachs influence over the next four years (we’ll cover the liberal leanings of a number of his nominees, as well as Trump’s liberal leanings, another time).

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