Rush Limbaugh: American Left’s Target is Christianity

target_2For years now, some of us in the conservative Christian wing of our nation have been sounding the alarm, warning America of the evil threat to our freedoms posed by the militant homosexual/“transgender” movement. I now add “transgender” to the mix, because we are seeing a recent explosion all across the nation in the advancement of so-called “rights” for people who are under this twisted deception and mental/spiritual sickness—special “rights” based solely on this perverse sexual behavior. Homosexual and “transgender” behaviors are two heads of the same reprobate snake.

For a long while now, we have been some of the only voices speaking in opposition to this movement, but lately, with the increased aggressiveness of homosexual activists, it has now become apparent, even to people who have not paid much attention to this movement, that we stand on a dangerous precipice down which our freedoms will be cast if this movement prevails in the Supreme Court in June.

On Wednesday, I was glad to hear Rush Limbaugh state the plain truth of the matter on his national radio show. I greatly appreciate and admire Rush, and what he does chose to cover, he covers with brilliant insight, stellar wit and spot-on analysis. He is a presenter of common-sense truth regarding the politics of our country, and he is the best of the best, period. Before recent months, Rush has mostly stayed away from addressing militant homosexualism. I don’t blame him, because it takes a brave person to be willing to simply tell the truth about homosexual militants and what’s at the heart of their agenda. To speak out with the truth will certainly bring down vicious, lying, personal attacks by these homosexualist pushers of “tolerance,” and Rush gets enough lunacy directed at him and his advertisers, as it is.

Nevertheless, Rush calmly stated exactly what we’ve been saying for a while now—that the real target of this movement (of the Left, broadly, and homosexualists, specifically)—is Christianity. On Wednesday, in speaking about the same-sex “marriage” debate, Rush played a sound bite of Marco Rubio saying that we’re on the verge of Christian teaching being declared to be “hate speech.” Then, Rush said:

Do you think Rubio’s got a point there? You better. I tell you, you better not sweep this away, folks. You better not think this is a little bit over the top. He is right on the money. In fact, I would even go further. I think mainstream Christianity is the target and has been for I can’t tell you how long. Before I was born. Christianity has been the biggest enemy of the American left — well, any left. Organized religion in general, but Christianity is the number one enemy of these people.

That’s it! And, I’m so glad that Rush came out and said it plainly. In doing so, he reached many more people than my little columns could reach. While it’s good that a high-profile radio host like Rush is now addressing this threat, and I’m thankful he’s doing it, it may be too little, too late.

We stand today in a nation that has become deeply corrupt, steeped in sin and clearly falling under the Lord’s judgment for it. The church has been largely silent for decades as the corruption has metastasized, and now all our institutions are run by those clinging to the poison of Godless, tyrannical ideology. Our kids are being indoctrinated in the public schools to believe everything but God’s moral truth. Our federal government has been taken over by communists who are hell-bent on destroying the foundation of freedom on which our nation was built. In addition, we have a man in the White House who has done more than any past president to push the devilish radical homosexual agenda. Countless millions of dollars have been spent on the homosexualist propaganda campaign, which has also been exported around the world from the United States. This does not end well.

As we await the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage—a ruling, by the way, it has NO authority to make—many of us dread that the Court will side with perverse sexual degeneracy in the destruction of the meaning of marriage. With this, we will see a further erosion of our fundamental freedoms. This is inevitable, and it’s the goal of the reprobates leading this movement, because whether these pawns of the devil realize it or not, they are his pawns and are being willingly manipulated to do Satan’s dark will.

As I wrote back in late 2013, in my column, “Homosexual Movement’s Goal is to Outlaw Christianity,”

The homosexual movement is part of a larger push toward tyranny that has its roots in the spirit realm. Ephesians 6:12 clearly spells out the real battle:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

While we certainly have human enemies aligned against us, our true enemies are Satan, his demons and the spiritual wickedness of those in places of great power. As Christians, we have read the end-times prophecies, and we know the warnings Jesus gave us about how awful things will become in the last days. Satan is working feverishly to fully cement his terrible, earthly rule and bring those hellish days to fruition.

The Godless communists (or fascists, if you prefer) are using the homosexual agenda to work toward eradicating Christian opposition to their plans, which are Satan’s plans. If you know your Bible, then you know that Christianity is destined to be outlawed. We are moving steadily toward a time when Christians here in America will be in danger of state-sanctioned murder for their beliefs. If you think I exaggerate, then you don’t know what God has already told us, or perhaps you mistakenly believe that the United States is the exception, that it can’t happen here. Christians throughout the world have always been persecuted, but here in the United States, we have enjoyed unparalleled protection and freedom during the existence of our nation. That protection is quickly being eroded, and the homosexuals are used as pawns in this process.

… Yes, this is a steeply uphill battle, but we should never quit fighting it. The prince of the power of the air, Satan, is successfully crafting a deceptively pro-homosexual atmosphere in our nation, from the media, to entertainment, to corporations and all major institutions. This causes many people to fear standing in opposition to the militant homosexual agenda and its activists, because of their track record of hostility, even violence, toward those who oppose them. Many conservative groups and churches fear the vicious vitriol of homosexuals and their supporters in our twisted culture, and that’s really a shame. Fear is a debilitating force if we give it sway over us.

We must stand, as much as ever, against this degenerate and tyrannical homosexual movement, and in so doing, we must not lose sight of the real nature of the battle. It’s a spiritual battle, and we must approach it as such, putting on the full armor of God, as best we can, if we are to have any hope of turning back this truly evil tide.


  1. Thisoldspouse says:

    Agree with everything said in this article.

    But it would be great if Rush would come to Christ.

  2. AJ Castellitto says:

    You’ve been saying it Gina, in fact, I don’t know anyone who says it with the veracity you do…… I read your columns and I’m like, ‘man, that gal is fearless’. It’s more than apparent that you have given this development the thought & concentration that it deserves…… But like you indicated, the tragedy remains – they’ve already ‘won.’ But they are also playing into the Hands of the Almighty One……

    • WXRGina says:

      Thanks, AJ! And, you’re right. All is going according to God’s plan. His will WILL be done. 🙂

      • AJ Castellitto says:

        But not an excuse to remain silent …………… Thanks my sister. Keep on speaking truth!

  3. franklinb23 says:

    Some time ago, SBC president Bailey Smith stated what is actually a commonly held belief amongst fundamentalist Christians: “With all due respect to those dear people, my friend, God Almighty does not hear the prayer of a Jew.” Jerry Falwell later stated something very similar: God “does not hear the prayers of unredeemed Gentiles or Jews”.

    John Hagee (another popular evangelical pastor from Texas) called Catholicism an “apostate church” (among many other things).

    In all these instances, a loud fuss was made by Jews and Catholics. Blowhard Bill Donohue of the Catholic League made a number of media appearances expressing his outrage.

    Both Hagee and Falwell caved a bit and softened their criticisms. They didn’t have to. It’s not like they were running for public office.

    If these men were vying for Vice-President of Microsoft or Google or some other large corporation, do you really think the outcry against them wouldn’t have been sufficient to ensure they never got the job?

    I can tell you that it would. You effectively can’t say what you believe about these things anymore.

    The former President of Ohio State was even encouraged (strongly) to retire after making a somewhat silly and off-hand joke about Catholics.

    Quit acting like this is all about The Gayz. Society has become hyper vigilant about censoring certain views and ideas because they’re believed to be ugly. In some cases, I agree with the assessment. Sorry, but the notion that your “loving, benevolent God” is going to fry the vast majority of the human race in an oven because they don’t have the right beliefs in their heads is grotesque and sadistic. However, I think you’re entitled to have them. Further, I can put up with a bit of nutty and sociopathic beliefs. After all, everyone has them to some degree of another.

    Tolerance means you put up with people despite less than pleasant aspects of their personality, not pretending these aspects don’t exist.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      You’re right that certain protected classes (i.e. virtually anything that isn’t Christian or conservative) are no immune to criticism, and anyone who does criticize members of protected classes will be demonized…even if the criticism has nothing whatsoever to do with their membership in the protected class.

      However, as virulent as the protectionism of “any but Christian/conservative” classes is, all pale in comparison to the venom and vitriol leveled against anyone who criticizes homosexual behavior.

      • franklinb23 says:

        Well, I’ll concede that that are some gay activists who are just incapable of reason. I’ve been on the receiving end of their hostility for suggesting that merely hosting a dinner for Ted Cruz (as done by a gay hotelier) was not worthy of a boycott and the label of “Nazi”.

        The businessman was gay, but he wanted to discuss issues regarding Israel (he’s also Jewish). It’s as if people are only permitted to consider single issues, no matter how many (or few) people it impacts.

    • AJ Castellitto says:

      Do know the story about a man named Jesus? was He a “nutty sociopath” for what he endured? you are smart man , think it through

      • franklinb23 says:

        I wouldn’t say that.

        I was merely pointing out that most of us mere humans hold views that are inconsistent, irrational, immoral or simply weird. It doesn’t mean you immediately need to cut off all contact from them whatsoever. I have a co-worker who’s a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I think his theories are just out there, but he’s funny and is a good worker, so I just don’t focus on the facets I find odd.

        My grandfather was a good man, but being an Italian from the old country and of a different generation, he was prone to making jokes about blacks. It was a flaw of his. We didn’t say we weren’t seeing him on holidays because of this. (He eventually became close with an older black woman before he passed. No one is beyond redemption.)

        • AJ Castellitto says:

          The gay thing is dicey…… But as Christians we can’t separate the truth of Original Sin and our tendancy to be led by our carnal lusts from the reality of our modern socoety. Some lusts are easier to hide, some lusts are wholly embraced. But Christians have been asleep at the wheel so long that now our reaction appears an overreaction….. We don’t hate gays nor are we better than them ……..

          • AJ Castellitto says:

            But I would argue being ‘gay’ is illegitimate….. It is a counter-purpose behavior that has been wrongly acknowledged and legitimized….. If I ignore my natural biological makeup and act counter to it I would need to be corrected or discouraged from proceeding thus…… It goes against natural, biological and spiritual health & wellness…… I may remain single and celibate but I proceed in rebellion to my own detriment.

        • AJ Castellitto says:

          Do you applaud Bruce Jenner or even Michael Jackson? How about Chastity/Chazz Bono? I think they are/were empty and choosing/chose a path that is essentially further destructive than where they were initially at emotionally….. Something snapped and these folks hit a tragic point of no return

          • franklinb23 says:

            Issues of gender identity are completely different than sexual orientation, though they’re often lumped together.

            Not being transgender, I can’t speak for what such an existence is like psychologically. I’m sure it’s torturous, though, from what I understand.

            While I don’t have problems with corrective or even cosmetic surgery to fix minor flaws or enhance one’s appearance, even that can be taken to extremes.

            There are addicts of plastic surgery who have gone through so many surgeries that they barely look human. I don’t think that encouraging or feeding this addiction is advisable.

            I’m not 100% convinced that gender dysphoria is altogether that different from these other forms of BDD (body dysmorphia disorder). Shouldn’t the ideal be to get the patient to find greater acceptance and peace in the body they have rather than to change their body into only a facsimile of what they think it should be (since it never really changes it in essence)? I’m not sure.

            • Thisoldspouse says:

              You make a false distinction by repeating the common error/lie that “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” are separate issues. There is a solid reason that the “T” is included in the acronym. They are all heads on the same filthy monster.

              The overlap and merging is undeniable. The vast majority of homosexual men, at least the out ones, exhibit from mild to extreme effeminacy. Lesbians are, on the whole, extremely “butch” and most wear either gender-neutral or men’s clothing in the main course of their lives; almost always sport super short, masculine military cuts; and engage in traditionally masculine pursuits. Male homosexuals are well known for either participating in or are avid spectators of “drag shows” in which males try to emulate to a tee a woman. Homosexuals must, in the mimicked sexual act, act as a proxy for a woman by being the recipient of the male organ. This is the epitome of effeminacy.

              The vast majority of those who identify as “transgender” begin as identifying as “gay,” i.e. Chastity Bono. It seems that “changing one’s sex” is just the logical, ultimate conclusion of the same-sex attracted.

            • AJ Castellitto says:

              Gender identitiy is sexual orientation taken to the extreme….. It’s sex orientation on steroids……. Once you entertain the one the gateway is wide open

    • DCM7 says:

      “the notion that your ‘loving, benevolent God’ is going to fry the vast majority of the human race in an oven because they don’t have the right beliefs in their heads is grotesque and sadistic.”

      That’s a total straw-man, whether you realize it or not (and, frankly, you should).

      A better way to state it would be this: God has made a way for everyone to be with him and gives them the choice whether or not to take it. Those who want to be with God will be with him. And those who hate God and insist on being away from him will get their wish. Well, to be away from God is to be away from all that is good — i.e., it is literally hell. But God’s not going to force anyone to be with him, and avoid hell, if they stubbornly insist on being away from him.