Medicaid Expansion: When Republicans Act Like Democrats

Projected expansion of Medicaid and Medicare.  Eventually, Medicare and Medicaid spending absorbs all federal tax revenue, which has averaged around 19% of GDP for the past 30 years. (Source: CBO)

Projected expansion of Medicaid and Medicare. Eventually, Medicare and Medicaid spending absorbs all federal tax revenue, which has averaged around 19% of GDP for the past 30 years. (Source: CBO)

The Rapid City Journal has an article informing us of how our “Republican” leaders in the South Dakota Legislature are “open” to expanding Medicaid in South Dakota–an unconstitutional program that now goes hand-in-hand with another unconstitutional program known as ObamaCare.

Republican leaders in the South Dakota Legislature say they hope federal officials will grant the state a waiver allowing expansion of the Medicaid program to provide medical services only to those people most in need.

Senate Republican Leader Tim Rave of Baltic said he doubts the Legislature would expand Medicaid to the full extent envisioned in the federal health care overhaul, but that lawmakers will likely talk about seeking federal approval to extend coverage to a smaller group of low-income people.

Senator Tim Rave is hoping we can expand an unconstitutional government health care program in our state. This is the same “Republican” leader who a few years ago received campaign money from a pro-homosexual group. Why would a radical liberal group give money to a “Republican”, unless they planned to get a return on their investment?

But Tim Rave isn’t the only “Republican” who’s looking to expand an unconstitutional government health care program in South Dakota.

The federal government has so far refused to give South Dakota that flexibility, but House Republican Leader David Lust of Rapid City said he hopes federal officials will change their minds.

So “Republican” leaders in both the state House and Senate are selling out the taxpayers of South Dakota (and America) as well as the Republicans of our state.

So far, these two are making RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard look like a conservative, because Daugaard so far has said no to an expansion of Medicaid. But before you start throwing any parades for Daugaard, his knees don’t exactly sound like they’re made of steel:

Daugaard says he’s not recommending the Medicaid expansion _ available to states as an option under the federal health care overhaul _ in next year’s state budget, but that he’s not ruling it out altogether. He said the federal government is having trouble putting the overhaul into effect and wonders whether it can meet its promise to pay most of the cost of the Medicaid expansion.

We know that those within the health care industry who stand to make money (at the expense of the taxpayers) are in favor of expanding Medicaid (and ObamaCare), and that the health care industry donates a lot of money to the Republican establishment, but this isn’t in harmony with Republican principles, American principles, or the U.S. Constitution.

Meanwhile, at least some Republicans in other states remember how Republicans are supposed to act. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), NH State Senator Andy Sanborn and others are rallying together to stop the expansion of Medicaid and ObamaCare in New Hampshire.

Why aren’t South Dakota Republican leaders rallying to stop expansions of the federal government, increases in federal spending, the trampling of state’s rights and the U.S. Constitution. I have yet to see a single one of our state House or Senate leaders at a single pro-freedom or limited government rally in the Rapid City area in five years or more. We have a few good legislators who are at most of such events, but our “Republican” leadership is never, ever there. Some kind of leaders, they are! Leading the way Leftward.

If these “Republican” leaders want to give money to people, they can certainly do that–with their own money. That’s the American way: private individuals and groups willingly giving money to people in need. As Congressman David Crockett once said, “We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money.” Congress–which ultimately controls Medicaid–as well as state legislators and governors have no right to give other people’s money to people who didn’t earn it. There is no authority provided in the U.S. Constitution for them to do that.

Government health care programs only add to the problem of health care affordability. Back when we had a free market, all goods and services had to conform to market forces. In other words, providers of goods and services couldn’t charge more than the market would bear. But since we have involved government in paying for massive amounts of the health care dispensed in this country, those market forces have been grossly distorted by the deep (dare I say “bottomless”) pockets of the federal government. One of the most important steps we could take in reducing health care costs in America would be to get government OUT of health care so that market forces can begin to return prices–as well as fiscal responsibility–to normal.

It used to be we only had to worry about Democrats looking for new ways to trample the U.S. Constitution and spend more of the taxpayer’s hard-earned money. Now we not only have to watch out for “Republicans” who want to act like Democrats, we have to look out for leaders in the “Republican” Party who want to act like Democrats. If Republicans won’t stand for Republican principles (not to mention American principles and the U.S. Constitution), who will???

Our country is $17 TRILLION in debt with no signs of slowing down the amount of debt being piled on, and these “Republican” leaders in the South Dakota Legislature are eagerly looking for MORE ways to pile on more debt?

You can stick your nose in the air like an elitist liberal and ignore these important truths if you insist–and sell out your country and your Constitution in the process. Or you can contact Senator Rave, Rep. Lust, Gov. Daugaard, and maybe your own elected representatives and let them know you will hold them accountable if they sell out Republican principles, as well as the taxpayer’s interest and the U.S. Constititution.

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