Domestic Enemies Label Patriotic Americans ‘Enemies’

Wanted_Bill_AyersI never cease to marvel at the brazen way Leftists have of turning the truth completely upside down.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) calls Tea Party patriots (who are the most pro-American, pro-freedom, pro-law and order, pro-U.S. Constitution people in the country) “domestic enemies”…while ignoring the fact–the established fact–that the leader of his party, President Barack Obama, used to (and for all we know, still does) pal around with acknowledged and unrepentant domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and other radicals and terrorists.

Who is the real domestic enemy: (1) the one who stands up for their country, defends their country, fights for respect for the U.S. Constitution, works to promote law and order within our nation, and to maintain the freedom of all Americans, or (2) those who continually run down and apologize for our country, who laud ant-American tyrants, who cozy up with jihadis, who give the middle finger to the rule of law, who seek to eradicate religious freedom and other kinds of freedom, and who make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution?

Who is the real domestic enemy: (1) the ones who insists the U.S. Constitution be obeyed and that we not keep spending ourselves into oblivion with $17 TRILLION in debt and a $1 TRILLION annual deficit, or (2) the ones who ignore the limits on government placed by the U.S. Constitution and demand the “right” to force free Americans to buy things they don’t want and pay for things that violate their conscience and insist that we push our country deeper and deeper into trillions of dollars of debt?

And now, one of the few people in congress who stood up for the American people against tyranny recently is now facing death threats.

Conservatives and other patriots used to be able to just chuckle this stuff off as the demented rantings of anti-American propaganda artists.

But since demented, ranting anti-American propaganda artists now run the government (the executive branch, the judicial branch, and half of congress with the other half too emasculated and busy peeing their pants to stand for freedom), not only is this kind of upside-down rhetoric from the Left not just not funny anymore, it’s downright dangerous.

For five years now, the Marxist regime in Washington D.C. has been trying to convince the American people that patriotic Americans who believe in freedom, fiscal responsibility and the U.S. Constitution. are “hate groups” and terrorists.”

It is no longer inconceivable that patriotic, pro-life, Tea Party patriots, veterans and other pro-American people could be prosecuted by this lawless and out-of-control government as enemies of the state.

We are not enemies of America; we are the best friends America has. But we are the enemy of the lawless, anti-American squad of dirtbags who now control our great nation and seem intent on running it into the ground.

If you haven’t yet chosen sides, the time is fast approaching when you may have to. Will you turn a blind eye to the growing tyranny and threats of a tyrannical government toward people who love freedom? Or will you join with the defenders of freedom and fight to turn it around…before it’s too late for us all?


  1. Ronald Shultz says:

    Tea Party patriots (pro-law and order,
    Nope, you can’t cherry pick laws you do like and don’t like. You are anti law if Obama passes a law.

    pro-U.S. Constitution people in the country)

    Nope, you hate the constitution if it is understood to be different than you think. You think you are better than the supreme court. I guess al gore should have said he does not respect it, and try to take the white house by sitting in the oval office. That would be your way.

    • SDJammer says:

      Congratulations – you win the most asinine comment of the month contest. It is unbelievable the stupidity that comes from your side.

    • Bob Ellis says:

      Yes, Tea Party patriots are indeed pro-law and order. They insist the nation’s highest law (the U.S. Constitution) be obeyed first and foremost.

      The U.S. Constitution lists a few enumerated powers in Article 1 Section 8 which grants the federal government delegated authority to carry out. None of them include creating, administering or regulating a health care system, a system of charity or a system of wealth redistribution. The Tenth Amendment further affirms this limitation on the powers granted to congress by the states and the people. Therefore, ObamaCare and programs like it are illegal. They are lawless, and an assault on the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of every American. For anyone to claim anything contrary to this very clear reality, regardless of whether they are a judge or a president or a senator or a congressman, is to make a claim contrary to the U.S. Constitution, and for someone who has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution, it is an impeachable dereliction of duty.

      The U.S. Constitution also requires the executive branch to carry out our other constitutional laws, which include for example enforcement of our border and immigration laws. President Obama has deliberately and contemptuously refused to carry out the duty he swore an oath to carry out in this area, as well as several other areas of public policy.

      I could recite them, but you’ve made it abundantly clear in the past week or two that you really have no interest whatsoever in what is lawful, what is true, or what is simple reality, so I won’t waste my time with additional evidence of your hostility toward the truth.

      Still scratching my head over why someone who wants to deceive people into thinking he lives in Canada, and who demands freedom and autonomy while insisting Americans should surrender theirs to the federal government, is so determined to see America go down the road to socialist mediocrity.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am a bit confused here, I see a lot of gum flapping here, about the President and members of congress. But how many of you brave citizen…have the courage to change and limit Senators passing Bills that they get rich on….. If it escape your brain, its called the U.S. Constitution which is contained in The Electoral College consists of the electors appointed by each state who formally elect the President and Vice President of the United States. Since 1964, there have been 538 electors in each presidential election.[1] Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution. The Electoral .College, is made of Republicans and Democrats, who elect a President. Not a individual person vote is used. Also each citizen has allowed elected officials to tweet the law, So these Senators and Congress=person have wrap the average voter around their finger, so they can become rich, by hiring their in-laws and friends as their workers, so they can become millionaires over night. Congress has their own gym, that the Voters allowed them to build in Washington D.C. cost to the Taxpayer 3 billion dollars, and Joe Voter, is not allowed to look inside. Here again the Constitution allows Joe Voter, to limit the terms they can be in office…. And these so-call Tea Party people are up for re-election in 2013, you as a citizen can change things, provided you get off your butt, put down your beer, and man-up!!!