Are We Dying to Surrender

Flag of jihad

Flag of jihad

Do you remember when Al Gore first brought his “man-made global warming” circus to Capitol Hill? At that time folks could almost feel his glow of self-satisfaction contributing markedly to the very warming trend he so smugly warned the world against.

His movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” become the required film de jour for all the trendy folks in the media. Schools in Europe, Britain and the US presented the movie’s contention that man is responsible, not the sun, for the planet’s warming trend, regardless of the fact that the earth has actually been cooling.

To even criticize the belief in man-made warming is considered so obscurantist as to condemn the hapless critic to membership of the flat earth society.

Worse, any naysayer is considered a heretic and branded as such by the high priests of the new religion of man-made global warming. The dogmatists declare that this is the greatest threat to mankind, bar none, despite the thousands of eminent scientists who disagree.

Yet lurking below the radar screen of the greens, the leftists, the liberals, and the legions of what Rush Limbaugh calls the low information voters – those who get their facts only from the pap the mainstream media chooses to feed them – is the greatest and most fundamental man made global threat of all: Man-made global jihad.

A tiny few have been warning against the jihadis and their enablers in the Islamic world for many years, but the mainstream media has always chosen to marginalize or ignore them.

Nearly a decade ago, the tax payer supported Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), not known for stepping outside a rigidly liberal and leftist view of the world, broadcast a documentary called, Jihad in America. This was a wake-up call for Americans but was seen only by a relatively small audience and soon forgotten.

Steven Emerson, an outspoken critic of America’s complacency towards Islamist terror, wrote an article called Unholy War, which appeared in the September, 1998 edition of the New Republic. Three years later the Twin Towers dissolved in smoke and fire and the world changed forever.

Since then, books have been written exposing the Arab and Muslim support for resurgent and triumphalist Islam, much of it coming from the ostensible friend of America, Saudi Arabia. Among the many books that must be read in order to understand the existential threat posed by radical Islam to the West and to Judeo-Christian civilization are the following.

The Looming Tower – Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 by Lawrence Wright. This is one of the must read books for anyone wanting to understand the historical background to the latest rise of fanatical Islam.

Mark Steyn’s, America Alone – The End of the World as We Know It, details how the world is increasingly weakening in the face of the jihadi threat with America, perhaps the only power capable of confronting the Islamic ambition of world domination. Steve Emerson’s book, American Jihad, remains one of the original and most chilling accounts of jihadi penetration within America.

Sadly, we have an Administration that espouses appeasement in the face of global tyranny and a president who enjoys lambasting America during his many overseas trips. Under President Obama, we have lost Egypt, Libya and much of North Africa to Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood. Iraq is increasingly coming under the baleful influence of Iran.

President Obama has failed for over five long years to prevent the Iranian regime from building nuclear weapons and has allowed the Middle East to become an even more perilous place.

Robert Spencer wrote: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. Bat Ye’or wrote a seminal work on Islam’s relationship with non-Muslims called Islam and Dhimmitude. She is also the author of Eurabia. Nonie Darwish has written: Now They Call Me Infidel – Why I Renounced Islam. A Christian Arab woman, Brigitte Gabriel, has written: Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Wars.

All the above books provide a deeper and fuller understanding of the real threat to planet Earth in these dangerous times. Global jihad offers the fearful promise of an ultimate global warming, one which ends life in thermo-nuclear firestorms.

As Andrew McCarthy, writing in PJMedia points out, “…, in Libya, and now in Syria, we have turned a blind eye to the fact that terrorism is used by the jihadists our government has chosen to side with. We try to obscure this fact by referring to the opposition forces as “rebels,” the better to avoid noticing that they consider themselves mujahideen (jihad warriors), and by pretending we favor only the “secular” “moderates,” though it is laughable to suggest there are enough of them to topple the regimes in question without allying with the more numerous and formidable Islamic-supremacists factions.”

The choice is clear to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. But much of the world’s population remains woefully ignorant of the global jihad and sadly fixated on the vox populi of the mainstream media, which still pushes so-called man-made global warming for all its worth.

The real specter of global jihad makes the pompous prattling of Al Gore seem not only self-indulgent but shamefully irrelevant. And now, adding to the inanities that routinely emanate from this White House, President Obama himself will lecture us on “the greatest threat.” Not global jihad but, you guessed it; global warming

Is the world ready to finally dismiss the siren song of the global warming acolytes and finally stand up and defeat the global jihadist onslaught? Or, to quote Mark Steyn, “is the world simply dying to surrender?”

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