When We Don’t Want to Win

victoryA friend sent me a good article by Eric Erickson at RedState. The article has a title which would astonish the RINOs we have passing for “Republicans,” these days…astonish them and then make them pee their little boy pants: “We Can Win. But Only if We Fight to Win.”

Fighting for Republican principles would be too much for these pathetic jellyfish. Fighting to win? Not in their gutless nature.

An excerpt from the piece which describes the disgusting excuse for “leadership” we have from “Republicans” these days:

Since the election of George W. Bush, there has been a serious tension between establishment Republicans who just want to have a majority of Republicans in power to enact “better” government programs and constitutional conservatives who question the wisdom of massively expanded government. Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, trillions of dollars of debt, the corrupting force of earmarks and the rapid acceleration of the regulatory state.

The simple fact of the matter is the establishment doesn’t want to fight. What exactly have House Republicans accomplished this year? They kicked off the new Congress with a massive tax hike, they adopted a $60 billion Sandy “emergency” appropriation that was loaded with unrelated spending, they passed a budget balanced on the back of higher Obamacare and fiscal cliff taxes, and they passed a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which violates states’ jurisdiction over criminal law.

But it’s far worse than that. John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy won’t even pretend to fight. Boehner basically plays a game of chicken by stepping aside and saying “you win.” And, he has publicly said he won’t shut the government down. The House “leadership” is running scared from the debt ceiling… and was dead set against Obamacare de-funding. Today, the House “leadership” is telling folks on the Hill it won’t fight the Farm bill. And on immigration – forget it… everyone is running around listening to consultants saying this is the way to win Hispanic votes.

More of this kind of crap is what you’d be voting for if you vote for former South Dakota RINO Governor Mike Rounds for U.S. Senate next year. He’s a go-along, status quo-maintaining jellyfish who would fit in quite well in the Capitol Hill RINO Club.

A vote for Mike Rounds is a vote NOT to do anything about the liberalism that is poisoning our great nation. A vote for Mike Rounds is a vote to maintain the status quo…which, for America, is akin to the status quo of the Titanic after it met the iceberg. A vote for Mike Rounds is a vote for more “me too” liberalism like we’ve seen too much of in state and federal government.

Tellingly, any Republican who has the audacity to take an unwavering stand for Republican values is viewed as a troublemaker by the RINO establishment; being committed to the documented values of your party is viewed as “extremist.” Why, they might interfere with the RINOs desperate strategy to get the “mainstream” media and the rest of liberal America to like them. People might say they are mean. People might not want to be their friend. How cruel!  Surrendering to the Democrats’ agenda is definitely the way to go!

Woodrow Wilcox


Which would you rather have: (1) Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, or (2) John McCain and Mike Rounds?

If you like seeing your country go down the toilet and want it to continue, #2 is the way to go.



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  • Disgusted Conservative

    Well said, Bob. It is amazing that Rounds and Daugaard claim to be fiscally conservative. Rounds exploded state government spending, and Daugaard has raised taxes and done the same the last several years. Meanwhile, Rounds & Daugaard both have a war against Conservatives active in politics in SD. Benedict Arnold at least had the honor to run to the British when he was caught. These RiNOs get caught and they attack those that stand in contrast to them.