Forget Guns…How About More ‘Congress Control’? Part 2

oathPart 1 – A Look Behind the Curtain

Part 2 – We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Oaths!

The ruling class doesn’t care about public safety. Having made it very difficult for States and localities to police themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try to take our guns away. In fact they blame us and our guns for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake. — Sen. Malcolm Wallop, Wyoming

It is not an “honest mistake.”  In Part 1 of this essay I noted that members of Congress are legally bound – not to mention morally, ethically – to abide by, support and defend the U.S. Constitution, and that they are not living up to that oath.  Instead, they pursue interests of self and party and personal ideology, at the expense of rights and freedoms that document guarantees to American citizens.  They disguise their actions by distracting us with continual “crises” and urgent issues which are in reality merely misdirection, to keep us from recognizing their deceit.  Currently, “gun control” is the major misdirection.

But it’s not about “gun control;” it’s about power.  Politicians have it, they want more of it and, most of all, they don’t want to have to worry about you and I taking it away.  So, “gun control,” while it’s handled the same way as their other phony crises, is actually something more. It is their holy grail, the one thing that will free their hands completely when it comes to ruling based on their own agenda rather than in the interests of the American people.  There are over 63 million gun owners in the U.S., and even though the military and law enforcement have the latest in weapons and technology, our history never lets politicians forget what an armed citizenry can do when they get tread on too much, when their rights and freedoms are too much neglected and disdained by arrogant, smug elites with a superiority complex.

So politicians need to do something to unburden themselves from that worry that Americans might finally get tired of being treated essentially like peons and arise, as they did in 1776, to reclaim the government that is rightly theirs.  And that “something” is to effectively disarm us.  Of course they’ll deny that, and rationalize their scheme by claiming gun registration and bans are “necessary” in order to deal with the horrors of the tragic mass shootings like Newtown, Colorado, etc.  Smokescreen; pure self-serving drivel and BS.

It’s time we stopped falling for that.  Gun control is only one false flag that politicians use to maintain and enhance their power, but it’s a foundational one, and since it’s on the front burner again, let’s address it once and for all.  I’ll make four common sense points that should silence all reasonable people about “gun control,” but even those pale in significance to the most obvious reason this “debate” should stop –

  1. 99.9% of gun-owners are law-abiding citizens who do not prey on their neighbors or families with guns, nor do they ever commit any crimes with guns.
  2. There are literally thousands of gun laws on the books, federal and in every state.  Criminals and crazy people don’t obey them; they won’t obey new ones, either.
  3. We see the arrogance and boldness of politicians even though we own guns; imagine what it will be if/when we don’t own them.  Imagine how bold other criminals will become if/when they know we don’t have them.  They will, of course, because…that’s right: they don’t obey laws, including those restricting gun ownership!  [See Great Britain and Australia for post-gun ban statistics.]
  4. How many crimes are stopped, how many innocent lives are saved each year because criminals know that so many Americans own guns?  Why do no so-called journalists write about those statistics?

While those are reasonable points that should make any American, regardless of politics, stop and think about their position on “gun control,” here’s the one salient point that makes all this emotional debate about guns utterly meaningless –

The Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right of American citizens to own firearms.  Period.  Unless/until that Amendment is removed, any efforts at restricting private gun ownership is unconstitutional…i.e., illegal!

Politicians – the president, Senator Feinstein, the Brady Bunch, et al – can have all the opinions they want, but they do not have the right to try and implement their opinions and beliefs when those violate the U.S. Constitution!!  The level of emotion and passion on a topic does not justify violating the foundation of Americans’ rights and freedoms.

Clearly some politicians naturally would like to return to the “rule of men” and abandon the rule of law; well, then, let them call a Constitutional Convention and strike down the Second Amendment!  That way, there would be no confusion about where each politician stands on this issue.  Ordinary legislation has all manner of unrelated topics as “riders,” so politicians can conveniently claim they voted “for” some provision or another while the ones their constituents oppose “just happened to be” a part of that bill.  That’s better than “the dog ate my homework” excuse, but when you consider that Congress establishes their own rules, it becomes clear what it really is: a dodge to allow politicians to ignore their constituents and pursue their own agenda unchallenged by the American people.  A Constitutional Convention would strip away that deceit; each elected senator and representative would have to cast his/her vote openly, so the American people can see just how much contempt their elected “representatives” have for the foundational document of law in this country, and for the rights and freedoms it guarantees for the American people.

In other words…Politicians, shut up blathering your lies and mushy headed pandering about keeping Americans safe (the only Americans that Obama, Feinstein, et al, are interested in keeping safe are themselves and their positions of power), call a Constitutional Convention and strike down the Second Amendment.  Win or lose, that would be the end of debate, end of the charade and veiled efforts to undermine the document they swore to uphold…and probably the end of the political careers of most of them.

Ahhh…that is why they won’t do it.  Instead, as with every other issue, the politicians will just continue to pass more legislation that is diametrically opposed, in spirit and intent, to that document, while claiming their support for it.

At least today you could do something about it: a little research (the Internet is not all video games and garbage, you know) to fulfill your obligation as a citizen in a free republic – an obligation incurred not only by the freedoms and prosperity you have wallowed in your entire life, but also by the debt of honor we all owe those who sacrificed so much in establishing, and in maintaining, this nation’s ideals.  But you don’t bother; you just keep falling for the misdirection, and wondering how they’re making our freedoms disappear, why the country is going to hell so rapidly.  Congratulations; your Masters…excuse me, your Congressmen and Senators…applaud you.

During the American Revolution, Samuel Adams wrote to those who couldn’t be bothered to help create a free nation; his words apply equally to those who make no effort to maintain those freedoms today: “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.
- Unknown

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