Concealed Carry Saves Another Life

Parsons_pistolKNBN Journalist Shad Olson recently produced this special report about Scott Parsons, a Pizza Hut delivery driver in Rapid City who was brutally attacked in 2010 by multiple assailants while delivering a pizza.

He took a pizza to a secluded trailer park north of town after 9:00 pm.  When he got to the house, he was attacked at the door. He jumped off the porch and shattered his leg.  While on the ground, three people kicked him in the head and body repeatedly. On the verge of losing consciousness, Parsons pulled out his pistol from his pocket and fired two shots. The perpetrators ran after he hit one of them.

Parsons spent weeks in the hospital after the attack. Though police found that Parsons had acted lawfully, Pizza Hut fired Parsons for violating their policy against drivers carrying firearms.

He has since found other employment at a different pizza company that doesn’t ask about  his gun.

Why do average citizens deserve to maintain their God-given right to self defense?  Why do average citizens need to concealed carry?

Not hard to figure out, is it?

Woodrow Wilcox


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