Republican SD House Approves Benefits for Illegal Aliens

trespassingThe “Republican”-controlled South Dakota House today approved HB 1214, a bill which would provide taxpayer funded prenatal medical care for illegal aliens.

As Political Smokeout points out, a couple of conservatives did try (and fail, in this “Republican” supermajority legislature) to to make the legislation slightly better. Rep. Lance Russell tried to limit it to a one-year target program with appropriations that would have required a 2/3 vote for passage. Rep. Betty Olson offered an amendment requiring the state to report illegal aliens receiving care under the legislation, but it, too, was defeated.

We’re not talking about urgent, life-saving medical care here. We’re talking about prenatal care which, while obviously very useful, the human race has done without for thousands of years until the last century or less. Instead of rewarding people who violated our nation’s sovereign borders and our laws with more taxpayer dollars, illegal aliens should be sent home when they are identified.

Our country is over $16 TRILLION in debt, spending over $1 TRILLION every year that we don’t have, can’t figure out how to cut a paltry few hundred billion out of the annual budget…and “Republicans” in South Dakota are coming up with new ways to spend still more of the taxpayer’s money.  Charity and socialized health care programs are unconstitutional for the federal government and unwise for state governments to participate in.

If someone breaks into your home, are you obligated to provide medical care for them simply because they are in your home (illegally)?  Are you obligated to force your neighbors to also provide for them (as socialized health care schemes like Medicaid does)?  Of course not.  We are not obligated to someone who breaks into our home, and we are not obligated to someone who breaks into our country. As the person who breaks into our home needs to be sent packing, the person who breaks into our country illegally needs to be sent packing–period. This isn’t rocket science, as they say. What passed for “thought” in the legislature was a pretty weak excuse. Emotionalism, at best, was what it was.

Obviously, the majority of “Republicans” in the South Dakota Legislature don’t really give a flying rip about dealing with the out-of-control lawlessness going on in our state and country (or about controlling costs to the taxpayer or about participating in illegal federal programs). Rewarding illegal aliens and providing incentives for lawbreaking are precisely the opposite direction we need to be going.

Woodrow Wilcox


You may recall that the “Republican” supermajority SD House has refused repeatedly for the past few years to deal with illegal immigration. We would expect stonewalling, embracing lawlessness and dereliction of duty if Democrats were in charge, but Republicans have a 76% majority in the state House and an 80% majority in the State Senate. How high must that percentage go before we can get enough Republicans to actually carry out Republican public policy items? 90%? 100?  150%? What will it take until we see the majority of Republicans act like Republicans?

I seem to recall something in the state GOP platform about this issue:


5.14 The South Dakota Republican Party supports the right of immigrants to enter our country legally and also supports the right of legal immigrants to work in our state. It is the responsibility of the Federal and state government to strongly enforce the current immigration laws and protect our borders.

We further hold that it is the explicit sworn duty of South Dakota’s state and federal elected officials to take all legal actions available to protect South Dakotans from the growing problems of illegal immigration.

But then, as one “Republican” described the GOP platform recently, “it’s just a piece of paper.” Apparently that’s all our state’s and nation’s laws are, as well.

Bartling Yea Bolin Yea Cammack Nay
Campbell Nay Carson Nay Conzet Nay
Craig Yea Cronin Yea Dryden Yea
Duvall Nay Ecklund Yea Erickson Yea
Feickert Nay Feinstein Yea Gibson Yea
Greenfield Nay Haggar (Don) Nay Haggar (Jenna) Nay
Hajek Yea Hansen Yea Hawks Yea
Hawley Yea Heinemann (Leslie) Yea Heinert Excused
Hickey Yea Hoffman Yea Hunhoff (Bernie) Yea
Johns Yea Kaiser Nay Killer Yea
Kirschman Yea Kopp Nay Latterell Nay
Lust Yea Magstadt Yea May Nay
Mickelson Nay Miller Yea Munsterman Excused
Nelson Yea Novstrup (David) Yea Olson (Betty) Nay
Otten (Herman) Nay Parsley Yea Peterson Yea
Qualm Nay Rasmussen Yea Ring Yea
Romkema Yea Rounds Nay Rozum Nay
Russell Nay Schaefer Nay Schoenfish Yea
Schrempp Excused Sly Yea Soli Yea
Solum Nay Stalzer Nay Steele Yea
Stevens Yea Tulson Nay Tyler Yea
Verchio Nay Werner Nay Westra Nay
Wick Yea Wink Yea Wismer Yea
Gosch Nay
Ayes 39 Nays 28 Excused 3 Absent 0

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  • DPMT

    I can’t believe Scott Craig voted for this. What was he thinking?

    • Several otherwise good folks allowed themselves to be hoodwinked by the Left on this one. I sincerely hope they learn from it.