Is President Obama Too Combative?

explosionI took note of a recent article from the Argus Leader in which Senator John Thune (R-SD) and Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) criticized President Barack Obama for being too combative in his language since winning re-election to a second term as president.

Rep. Kristi Noem and Sen. John Thune on Wednesday criticized President Obama for using a combative, forceful tone during the first few weeks of his second term in office. The South Dakota Republicans said the Obama administration needs to be more vigilant about reaching out and working with Republicans rather than moving ahead undeterred with its own agenda…

…Thune said after Obama delivered an inaugural speech in January that was “very confrontational, very combative, unusual for an inauguration speech,” the president backed off a bit during his address on Tuesday evening. Still, Thune said most of the policy proposals discussed by the president this week involved more spending.

I understand where Thune and Noem are coming from with their statements, but there is a more important underlying truth here which should be brought out.

Is President Obama being “too combative” in his aggressive tones about pushing forward with his glorious socialist revolution here in America?

Not really.

You see, Barack Obama understands something that, sadly, most conservatives do not: we are in a WAR for the heart, soul and body of our nation. Barack Obama was not just throwing out some BS slogan when he said a little over four years ago that he intended to “fundamentally transform America.” No, he was for real. He has long seen America as a major force (if not THE major force) of evil in the world, and he means to bring America down a peg or three.  He and his Marxist friends have always loathed the American way of life and our “outdated” and “flawed” Constitution which enshrines it.

Barack Obama is engaged in nothing less than an all-out war to subjugate, subdue and transform America from the freest nation in history into  humiliated socialist mediocrity.

Woodrow Wilcox


Meanwhile, the Right is still wringing our hands, hoping we can somehow get the “mainstream” media to like us, worried about having some “dialogue,” seeking some “understanding” and engaging in some “compromise.”

As I mentioned in a discussion on another website this morning after watching this video on Iranian negotiating behavior, while there are many things that Iranians and American liberals do not have in common, one thing they DO have in common is that they are both advancing an agenda of evil.  Evil always works the same way, anywhere in the world and throughout history. When evil does not have absolute power, it will lie, obfuscate, stall, misdirect and do whatever it has to in order to buy time for itself to gain strength…THEN it comes out to brutally crush any who get in its way.


Right now, the Iranians are wasting the West’s time with “dialogue” and “negotiation”…even as they continue working to build nuclear weapons with which they will wage blackmail and war on their enemies. Right now, the Left is wasting the time of the Right on “dialogue” and “negotiation” and “compromise,” even as they gather their strength until they can finally crush the American dream forever.

What a pity it is that so few conservatives (maybe one in ten?) understand that the modern conflict between Left and Right is not a “disagreement” or a matter of having a “different view,” but rather an all-out war (not one involving bombs and bullets, thank God–not yet), but a war nevertheless. The Left will settle for nothing less than the total defeat of traditional American values and the American way of life. And they buy time to gather their strength and marshal their forces while our side frets over “dialogue.”

So is President Obama “too combative?”  In an objective sense, no, he is not. He gets it that this is a war over the American way of life. Would that conservatives would fight like they mean it. Wouldn’t it be nice if conservatives would fight our political battles like they didn’t feel ashamed that they might actually win?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if conservatives would quit fretting that evil people might think we’re “mean”? Would that we would just take this fight seriously!

Isn’t it time conservatives got it?

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  • thisoldspouse

    You’re right, Bob. If a real conservative were to be elected to this top post, I would expect – DEMAND – that he be every bit as “combative,” more so, in fact, in opposing the destructive, immoral, illogical, oppressive liberal agenda as Obama is in promoting it.

  • WXRGina

    Brilliantly insightful and true, Bob. We thank the Lord for your work for the Cause.