Pro-Marijuana Bill Goes Up in Smoke

Marijuana joint (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Marijuana joint (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Though our “Republican” supermajority legislature has already killed several textbook Republican bills in the 2013 legislative session, we must give credit where credit is due.

As reported by the Rapid City Journal today, the House Health & Human Services Committee today killed HB 1227 which sought to allow breaking the law as a defense for breaking the law, i.e. allowing “medical necessity” as a defense for breaking the law and using marijuana.

As I have pointed out many times before, “medical” marijuana is a load of hogwash. While there is no shortage of “ill” people for pot advocates to trot out to pull at our heartstrings, the issue of “medical” marijuana is almost always pushed by the same people who simply want drugs to be legalized, period.

There are a host of pain medications available for people who are genuinely suffering, including non-smoked forms of THC. Interestingly, “medical” marijuana advocates are never interested in legitimate prescription pain medications. Only a doobie will do.

This is nothing but smoke-and-mirrors fraud to advance the legalization of drugs–something that states like California and Montana have already found out is a disaster, even for “medical” reasons. Instead of reducing crime as proponents claim (the only way it “reduces crime” is by making a crime not a crime anymore), it instead brings new and more violent crime in the form of murders, assaults and property damage.

Of course, the health dangers of smoking marijuana are still there for those who use it, “medical” reasons or no.  It also makes it easier for children to gain access to a dangerous recreational drug.

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Our “Republican” legislature gets taken in on a lot of liberal bilge, but I’m glad they didn’t fall for this drug-induced fantasy.  Legalizing a dangerous intoxicant is akin to allowing poison to be marketed as a legitimate staple for consumption.

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