South Dakota Legislature Bill Watch: Jan. 18

Capitol RotundaThese are the latest bills being monitored at American Clarion. A couple of relatively new arrivals are the tourism tax and the bill promoting school safety

I still support SB 70 at face value. However, some conservatives have pointed out a number of concerns about the bill. One involves certain statements within the bill which, at first glance seem reasonable, but could be misused by liberals to thwart accountability (i.e. kill good measures or shield bad ones).

One concern I’m hearing a lot is the bill’s very large size; the text of the bill is over 9,600 words long.  Understandably, the legislation deals with several areas of the criminal justice system, but a much better quality product would result if this one large bill was broken down into several smaller ones.

This bill is scheduled for a hearing in committee today, so it will be interesting to see if any of these issues are discussed.

Bill Title
 + HB 1010 provide for exceptions from certain misdemeanor offenses relating to possession of handguns.
 ? HB 1018 revise certain provisions concerning elections and petitions.
 – HB 1066 continue the current rate of the gross receipts tax imposed on visitor-related businesses.
 ? HB 1072 repeal certain provisions providing a criminal penalty for a political party to endorse or nominate a judicial candidate.
 + HB 1087 authorize individual school boards to create, establish, and supervise individual school sentinel programs to promote school safety.
 ? SB 5 establish the public purpose and goals of postsecondary education, to provide for the funding of higher education, and to create the Council on Higher Education Policy Goals, Performance, and Accountability.
+ SB 36 protect the identity of the person or entity supplying the intravenous injection substance for executions and to increase the penalty for a violation of those provisions.
+ SB 68 revise the controlled substance schedule and to declare an emergency.
+ SB 70 improve public safety.
+ SB 81 prohibit certain political activity within the Office of the Secretary of State.
? SB 82 provide for the nonpolitical election of the secretary of state.

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