GOP: Considering Acting Like Republicans, or Sealing Their Doom

masksA poll conducted by former Clinton advisor Stanley Greenberg (so take it with a grain of salt) found Republicans are losing credibility with a broad spectrum of voters.

Normally I’m always highly suspect of “mainstream” media polls, especially those conducted by people and groups with direct ties to Leftist politicians, but based on the information provided, this one has a distinct air of accuracy.

This story comes on the heels of a gathering of Republicans in Williamsburg, Virginia to discuss why nobody believes in the GOP anymore (hint: maybe because you jackass RINOs act like you don’t believe in Republican values and principles anymore).

From the Washington Times:

Mr. Greenberg’s poll shows that Republicans have an uphill battle ahead.

Among likely voters, 53 percent of respondents said they approve of the way Mr. Obama is doing his job, while 25 percent said they approve of the way Republicans are running the House.

On the issues of gay rights and tax rates for millionaires and corporations, more than 6 in 10 of the respondents said the Republican Party was “growing extreme and out of touch.”

More than 5 in 10 said the party was missing the mark in dealing with Wall Street regulations and climate change, as well as aid to the poor, immigration and women’s issues.

“There are a very large number of issues where they are seen as extreme,” Mr. Greenberg said in a conference call with reporters. He said the party scores best on how it has dealt with assault weapons and gun violence.

Do you know why “Republicans” have scored in a urine-deprived fashion on the homosexual agenda, Marxist class warfare, the assault on the free market, the global warming hoax, handouts to slackers, free contraceptives and abortions, and rewarding lawbreakers who invade our country (i.e. all issues that the GOP has allowed the Left to frame without challenge)?

Because the emasculated Republican Party has been so afraid of its own shadow that it has allowed the Left to set, control and maintain the liberal narrative without challenge. Instead of running the BS flag up the flagpole and educating the American people on the issues (what was once known as “leadership”), far too many “Republicans” (e.g. Mitt Romney, John Boehner, et al) have played the “me too” game: instead of debunking Leftist rhetoric, “Republicans” have tried to jump on that liberal cultural bandwagon, or at a minimum, only argue against liberal poison with a “Me too, just not quite so much” attitude.

What a bunch of defeatist crap! And “Republicans” wonder why the American people doesn’t believe in the GOP anymore!

Notice that this poll found that feeble “Republicans” scored best with the Second Amendment issue. Why? This critical assault on one of our most important freedoms (if not THE most important) has finally spurred a number of Republicans from their stupor and forced them to speak out strongly for freedom.

Get a clue, you idiot “Republicans”! It could not be more clear that when you act like a real Republican (i.e. a Republican who actually believes in the values espoused by our party), people will support you! Why should voters put their faith in some gutless dolt who acts like he doesn’t even believe in the things he claims to?

The well-known and well-documented values of the Republican Party are unmistakably conservative in nature. So when “Republicans” behave as if liberal ideas were better and that they are ashamed of conservative values (you know, the one their party claims to believe in), it’s no wonder the voters have no faith and trust in Republicans. I wouldn’t put any confidence in a preacher who preached fidelity while running around on his wife, or in a substance abuse counselor who used meth, or a MADD chairman who sometimes drank and drove, or a football player who sometimes helped the other team.  Would you?

Those quoted in the Washington Times article provide a mixed message. Republican strategist Kevin Madden seems to get it because he downplays the push to “moderate” (translation: liberalize) the GOP…even though Madden worked on the campaign of liberal “Republican” Mitt Romney last year. Then you have GOP strategist Ford O’Connell who trash-talks Republican admiration for Ronald Reagan while talking of “moving forward” (sounds too much like liberal talk).

Then there is this jewel from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) who has shown great promise but who has disappointingly been talking amnesty for illegal aliens:

“It’s really hard to get people to listen to you on economic growth, on tax rates, on health care, if they think you want to deport their grandmother,” Mr. Rubio said.

Hey, if grandma is here legally, she doesn’t have to worry about it, does she? The issue of illegal immigration is one of many areas of opportunity for EDUCATION, not CAPITULATION.

If Republicans can ever get it through their thick, muddled heads that not acting like Republicans is what has decimated the party in the last decade, they may be able to regain the trust of the American people.

Can they pull their heads from their posterior long enough to figure this out? I won’t be holding my breath.

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