Questionable Voting Numbers vs Reality of Public Opinion

tax_increaseObama may or may not have rightfully gotten the winning number of votes to be the current president, but we’ll never know. There will always be a question lingering due to the fact people claimed to have voted more than once, some got in trouble for doing so and others said they didn’t do an early ballot and yet there those ballots were. Regardless of whether Obama still received the winning number with all the wrongful votes discounted, the reality of public opinion says something entirely different from the election outcome.

It’s both funny and sad to read comments from Obama people, who are upset because their paychecks are less. No tax increase was meant for them, right? Maybe they should have read the fine print or listened when people tried to warn them of possibilities. But, oh no — the “warners” were just fear mongers that didn’t like Obama and were “just” saying all that stuff to make him look bad, it was claimed.

People tried to warn about ObamaCare, but the “warners” were often accused of being racists or tea baggers or old white men republicans (even when they were girl people) that didn’t want to see Obama succeed. It couldn’t ever be because there was simply a problem with the ObamaCare plan. No, it couldn’t be. How dare anyone challenge Obama and his enlightened administration?

Obama and his administration aren’t needed in gun control issues, but they wanna be. They want to do things their way — like their way on anything has been anything but trying to be in control of everything… well… everything that has to do with us — the little people of the USA.

On the other hand, if it has to do with the budget that the congress and administration “IS” supposed to deal with, well — they don’t bother.

What about “Fast & Furious”?

Woodrow Wilcox


What about “Benghazi”?

It seems like they run from what they are responsible for dealing with or taking responsibility for that was in their control, so why should we give them more control to mess up as well?


Oh, and why aren’t they included in the ObamaCare Plan? If it is good enough for us folks — why isn’t it good enough for them there folks?

Obama may have gotten the votes… and maybe he didn’t. Doesn’t matter… it’s all starting to catch up and the truth is right there. Do those paychecks finally say it all?

Reality is a daring thing — it slaps us all right in the face!

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Carrie Hutchens is a former law enforcement officer and a freelance writer who is active in fighting against the death culture movement and the injustices within the judicial and law enforcement systems.
Carrie K. Hutchens
  • thisoldspouse

    Great reminder about reality, Carrie. Unfortunately, Obama and his obamatons will blame us even for reality.

    • Carrie_K_Hutchens

      Thank you, thisoldspouse. You’re right. He and his zombies will blame us for whatever is that they think is wrong or for whatever goes wrong at their hands. I keep hoping we can wake people from their zombie-ism and return them to a state-of-being where they have the ability to reason and utilize that special cell formation called — common sense.