Hobby Lobby: Fined For Obeying Conscience

A short but informative video which shows what happens when we allow tyranny in America, like that being perpetrated on the American people by Obama and his fellow socialists in Washington D.C.

Is it worth it to resist unconstitutional ObamaCare with everything we have? You bet!

From the video description.

The Green family, devoted Christians and owners of retail chain Hobby Lobby, are facing daily fines of $ 1.3 million dollars for their refusal to comply with the Obamacare abortion drug mandate. Rather than violate their conscience, the Greens have chosen to disobey this unjust government order.

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  • thisoldspouse

    They ought to send the bill to “justice” Sotomeyor. Seriously.

  • God bless the Green family. They are storing up their treasures in heaven. I pray that other Christian businesses will follow the Hobby Lobby lead and just say “no” to the godless, lawless tyrants. I believe that every Christian will be called upon to take a stand for their faith in the near future. I pray that the Holy Spirit will provide me the strength and courage step forward and defend my faith when my time comes.

    • thisoldspouse

      I pray the same, Doc. Most of us don’t realize that we’ve had pretty much a low-risk life of easy Christianity that didn’t make too many demands on us by the world, myself included. Mostly, it risked associations and friendships. Now, I’m afraid many of us will start experiencing real economic and physical hardship for taking a stand. Whether it will be losing our job for refusing to affirm sexual perversion, or losing a business for refusing to implement a profligate governments values, this new age of Satan’s temporary reign will possibly be deadly for many of us.