Facebook Joins the Anti-Gunners

According to Natural News, and posted by Drudge, the Leftist fascist goons at Facebook suspended the Facebook page of Natural News because they posted this quote from Gandhi about the tyranny of gun control.

Apparently Facebook would only re-enable the page after Natural News provided them with a color copy of “government issued identification.”

Remember when President Barack Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he would have more “flexibility” (no doubt to sell out America to foreigners) after the election?  Don’t think for a second Obama isn’t also considering himself entitled to more “flexibility” to trample the U.S. Constitution and the freedom of the American people.

With the re-election of this corrupt Marxist, the Left now feels completely and totally entitled to run roughshod over everything dear to Americans.

I’ve reposted this image on my personal Facebook account and at the American Clarion Facebook page. We stand in solidarity with all who stand for freedom and against tyranny.  If you have a Facebook account, I urge you to repost this quote on your page.

Let’s throw this bilge back in their faces, and make sure the Left knows full well that we will not for a second stand by while they attack our freedom. Make sure they know that we mean that familiar old Second Amendment statement: When you pry it from my cold dead hands, that’s when you’ll get my gun, you tyrannical SOBs. (And since I’m a pretty good shot and have lots of ammo, you may not even get that chance)

Woodrow Wilcox


Gandhi on Guns

Gandhi on Guns

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