Debunking the Teacher’s Union Marxist Video

This video by Lee Doren is a nice response to that childish, asinine, class envy screed that Ed Asner and the California Teacher’s union put together to make good little Marxists of us all.

Point by point,  this video response to the Marxist indoctrination video debunks the bilge being foisted by Leftist teachers and a Leftist actor.

Ed Asner has made a real haul over the years not by doing anything to better the world, but by pretending to be someone he is not.  If he really believes the poor are in desperate need of financial rescue, he could pry his greedy fingers from some of his own money to give them.  But like most liberals, and unlike most conservatives, he would rather be generous with someone else’s money than with his own.

Can you say “hypocrisy”? I knew you could.

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